Charmed Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Safe Space


The Charmed ones are officially back in action!

Not only did Charmed Season 2 Episode 1 make some fairly significant departures from the OG series, but it’s also taken an entirely different direction than Charmed Season 1.

The episode introduces us to new characters, new mysteries, new evil forces, and get this — Charmed ones with no magic. 

I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that the sisters don’t have magic powers in the new identities they’re forced to take on Charmed Season 2

Even in the OG series, it was common for the sisters to lose their powers due to an unexpected emotional interference or a spell gone wrong, but it never lasted too long. 

I doubt the sisters will remain powerless all season. Already, Macy has a new power that allows her to emit fire from her hands thanks to her demon side. 

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You can tell Charmed has new showrunners and new writers. Immediately, the show has a more cinematic, creepy vibe.

I love the new feel of the show, though I hope future episodes continue to have some of the humorous light moments that characterized the first season. 

In spite of the new and improved feel of the show,  the first episode was extremely plot-heavy, and at times downright confusing.

I wish the writers would have slowed down the transition to the new world a bit to give us a chance to process.

On the bright side, it was an action-packed, electrifying roller coaster ride, so there was never a dull moment.

We have prevented the apocalypse, defeated the source of all evil. Everything is finally back to normal.


Speaking of a roller coaster ride, I can’t believe the sacred Book of Shadows is gone! It happened so quickly; you might have missed it if you blinked. 

As a loyal fan of the OG series, I fought the urge to have a complete panic attack when the book was destroyed. I mean, are you even a witch if you don’t have a magical book of spells?

It felt very reminiscent of the burning of the iron throne in the final episode of Game of Thrones. One second it was there, and the next, it was a pile of nothing.

Maggie: Today was a bad day.
Macy: Tomorrow will be better.

I’m hoping the show takes more time to develop the characters this season. I haven’t completely fallen in love with any of the characters on the show yet.

This episode didn’t bring back any of the supporting characters from Charmed Season 1, and surprisingly, I didn’t mind.

The only character I miss is Jada. She had a bad girl edge that none of the other characters on the show have, and it was always fun trying to uncover her true intentions. 

I still have a hard time buying into the sisterly bond of the Charmed ones. Macy does not meet her two sisters until well into adulthood, but Mel and Maggie interact with Macy as if they’ve known her their entire lives. 

Their characters feel unrealistically attached to one another for women that are still practically strangers. 

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There are also a few new potential budding relationships this season.

The writers are hinting that there is something more than just a friendship between Macy and Harry, even though her boyfriend Galvin just died at the end of last season. 

Harry: Go! I’ll hold him off.
Macy: No, I’m not leaving you!
Harry: Go!

It seems like Macy is moving on just fine! I could learn a thing or two from her.

Macy and Harry don’t have anywhere near the same chemistry that Piper had with her white-lighter lover Leo in the OG series, but I am curious to see how their relationship develops over the season. 

Macy isn’t the only one who has a new potential love interest this season. 


Jordan Meets the Charmed Ones - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 1

While seeking help for her sister, Maggie met a hot guy in a boxing gym (Jordan Donica) and asked him for a first aid kit.

With her former demon boyfriend Parker nowhere in sight, the two had very flirtatious banter about how neither of them trusts anyone.

While the conversation feels overly dramatic for two people who just met in the gym of a co-working space, their natural charm and undeniable good looks made it a fun scene to watch.

Jordan: Sorry. I, uhh, don’t trust many people.
Maggie: Yeah, me neither.

I liked Parker and Maggie’s relationship, as it reminded me of Cole and Phoebe from the OG series, but I think the random gym guy could be a fun new love interest for Maggie. Did I mention that he’s hot?

The demons on “Safe Space” were less than impressive.

With no powers in their new reality, the Charmed ones resorted to rat poison to kill one of the shapeshifters. If it was really that easy to kill demons, the world wouldn’t need the Charmed ones. They’d call the exterminator. 

I was also confused by Harry’s almost death.  In a very Jesus Christ superstar moment, Harry returns from the dead right before another demon appears and attempts to destroy the Charmed Ones. 

I’m hoping there’s more to the story of his miraculous resurrection because his explanation was grossly unsatisfying 

Telling the sisters that it is not safe for them to return home was very different.

However, they’ll have the opportunity to start their lives over in the magical land of Seattle.

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The sisters were oddly calm about it and agreed to leave their past lives behind without a fight. 

I fully expected Mel to accept their new fate, as she seems to be loving her new role as the boss of the magical realm, but I was surprised Maggie and Macy didn’t throw a fit about not being able to return home.

Last season, Maggie was obsessed with her sorority, and Macy loved her life as a scientist. 

I was also thrown off when their house magically appeared in Seattle at the end of the episode. Apparently, it traveled through the portal with them.

While they have come to love their home, it would have been weird to see them living in a new space, it was a confusing way to end the episode.

Theoretically, if the house traveled with the trio through the portal, how did Harry and the assassin demon (who looks just like Harry) continue to fight in the house after the trio jumped through the portal?

Sadly, I didn’t love this first episode, but it does have some promising elements. At the very least, it’s always empowering to watch a group of diverse, powerful women committed kicking butt and saving the world.

The magical community is relying on us.


As a woman of color who grew up loving the original Charmed, it’s incredible to have characters I can see myself in.

While some fans may be disappointed that the writers have decided to depart from the original series drastically, I’m excited to see what new twists and turns this season will bring.


Maggie Armed And Ready - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 22

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I want to know what you thought!

Are you feeling the show’s new direction?

Do you think Macy and Harry will eventually become Marry (see what I did there)?

Drop a comment below with your thoughts and theories!

If you missed the season premiere of the show, remember you can always watch Charmed (2018) online!

Charmed airs Fridays on The CW!


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