Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-30-23: The Annual Halloween Episode Brings Nasty Tricks


The spooky Halloween episode has become a Days of Our Lives tradition.

Every year, the soap takes a break from its usual stories to offer a spooky tale full of people rising from the grave. Sometimes, it’s a dream sequence, while other times, it’s somewhat connected to the reality of life in Salem.

And on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-31-23, several people will be visited by those they don’t want or need in their lives.

People return from the dead so often in Salem that a bunch of zombies rising from their graves should be no big deal. But according to spoilers, Nicole, Sloan, and Eric will be freaked out by visits from the undead.

Who could scare this trio? The Devil isn’t around to resurrect Deimos to try to kill Nicole again (thank goodness!). Though Days could mix up its holidays and have Sloan visited by the ghost of Eric’s future child.

Nicole and EJ's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

According to spoilers, Whitley will also appear, interrupting Paulina and Abe’s movie night. Whitley isn’t dead, but she wreaked enough havoc to be scary for this couple.

On the positive side, we will finally have an on-screen date between Abe and Paulina. But why is one of the only ones this Halloween fantasy?

Hopefully, we’ll get some real dates too. Otherwise, it only adds insult to injury.

There’s no word yet on whether there will be anyone in cute costumes — we’ve already got a peek at Thomas and Charlotte, and there aren’t any other kids in Salem who might attend a Halloween party.

The Halloween episode will air on Halloween, but in the meantime, plenty is going on in Salem. Blake Berris returns — but not as Nick, as he did in previous Halloween episodes and last February’s Heaven and Hell story; Tate confides in Eric, and Holly blurts out her feelings for Johnny.

For many fans, the biggest news might be that Eric will finally admit his feelings for Nicole… just as she’s set to marry EJ, and he’s supposed to tie the knot with Sloan.

The back-and-forth between Eric and Nicole has become a tired Days of Our Lives trope. Whenever they get together, it lasts about fifteen seconds before Nicole does something that makes Eric look down his nose at her.

Still, Ericole fans may be excited by this latest go-round. Eric will soon learn he’s the father of Nicole’s baby, so will that tie these two together romantically for the next 18 years?

Please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-30-23.

Stephanie's Unexpected Visitor - Days of Our LIves

Someone from Stephanie’s past makes an unexpected return.

No, that’s not Nick Fallon. Blake Berris will play a new character: Stephanie’s MIA ex, Everett.

He’s probably the person who was spying on her and Chad last Friday, which doesn’t exactly suggest he’s a great guy.

Stephanie’s in a precarious place, having just fought with Chad over the marriage issue. Will she be mature, or will she jump into bed with her ex because he’s suddenly reappeared?

Concerned About a Patient - Days of Our Lives

Marlena is concerned about a patient.

Spoilers say Marlena thinks her patient is unsound.

It’s probably not Harris or Ava, and since further spoilers for the week involve Li working with Marlena, it may be him.

Unbalanced doesn’t begin to describe Li’s obsession with Gabi. With Camila Banus leaving soon and the fall spoiler video depicting Gabi standing over someone with a bloody knife, it seems likely that she will again kill an abusive ex.

A Spooky Halloween Visit - Days of Our Lives

The annual Halloween episode includes a visit from Whitley.

Thank goodness this scary story will only last one day.

Abe and Paulina don’t get enough screen time, so yay for them having a story. Still, this is Halloween silliness, not anything real.

Will this ghostly visit trigger Abe’s memories or make them worse? If Abe and Paulina aren’t going to deal with his amnesia on-screen, it’s beyond time for him to remember who he is.

Mixed Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Not everyone is happy about Nicole and EJ’s upcoming wedding.

Holly isn’t thrilled. It’s not because she is imitating Neighbours’ Nell and hoping to break up the new marriage.

No, Holly’s problem is that if Johnny is legally her stepbrother, it’ll make it harder for her to steal him from Chanel.

That’s not happening anyway, so Holly might as well put aside her resentment and support her mother.

Tate Confides in Eric - Days of Our Lives

Tate tells Eric he’s interested in Holly.

Is Eric the right person to confide in?

As a former priest, he should be able to keep a secret. But he used to be Holly’s stepfather and is still half in love with Nicole.

Would anyone be surprised if he went blabbing to Nicole out of concern for her daughter?

Holly Blurts Out Her Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Eric admits his feelings for Nicole, while Holly blurts out hers to Johnny.

Eric tells Marlena; in theory, she should discourage him from acting on feelings that will likely go nowhere good.

But Marlena has not been great at helping her patients deal with inappropriate romantic feelings — she told Talia to go for Chanel despite serious mental health issues. She was extremely unprofessional when it came to Shawn and Belle’s mess.

So, she may push Eric to tell Nicole how he feels before it’s too late.

As for Holly, will she ruin Nicole’s wedding with this nonsense? Johnny will probably let her down gently, but that doesn’t mean her one-sided romance with him is over.

Nicole Offers Chad Relationship Advice - Days of Our Lives

Nicole offers Chad relationship advice.

Nicole is probably the last person anyone wants to take relationship advice from! She’s bounced from guy to guy and currently doesn’t seem to know whether she wants EJ or Eric.

The one who needs advice is Stephanie, anyway. She’s the one who is berating Chad for daring to grieve his late wife.

If only Abigail would return from the dead like everyone else, this whole problem would go away. Chad could go into the sunset with Abigail, and Stephanie could feel vindicated in her insecurities.

Eric's Impulsive Decision - Days of Our Lives

Sloan and Marlena are stunned by Eric’s impulsive decision.

Please let this be something other than Eric crashing Nicole’s wedding to announce his love for her!

It’s only in Salem that that sort of thing makes sense. But these two have made up and broken up so many times that there’s no point in trying again.

Nicole had it right when she said she and Eric were nothing but nostalgia and were too different to make a relationship work. Let’s hope she sticks to that!

Besides, Xander interrupted Sarah’s wedding to Rex just as it ended, so do we need the same story with different characters less than a month later?

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