Sofia Vergara Shares Update After Undergoing Major Surgery

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Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara has definitely seen better days. The 51-year-old recently shared that she would undergo a major surgery to address an ongoing problem.

Sofia Vergara, who has always been known for her uplifting attitude and jovial nature, seems positive about everything so far. However, she also admitted that she’s still experiencing quite a bit of pain.

What exactly happened?

Actress Sofia Vergara Is In Recovery At The Moment

Going through any major surgery is frightening, no matter how prepared a person is. And this medical procedure comes just months after Sofia Vergara finalized her divorce from actor Joe Manganiello.

On social media, the actress confirmed she needed knee surgery. Although it’s a more common procedure among people her age, it’s still frightening and requires a lengthy recovery process.

Sofia Vergara from Instagram
Sofia Vergara/Instagram

But even amid the divorce, Sofia has a strong support system. She has a great relationship with her son, 32-year-old actor Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. On top of that, she’s also in a new relationship with a man who happens to be a doctor.

“If you ever get a [major] knee surgery, make sure u get a handsome doctor who will sleep with u that night!!! Luv u Dr @jdsaliman,” the America’s Got Talent judge shared in an Instagram story. In the photo, her new boyfriend Dr. Justin Saliman dotes on her while she recovers comfortably on a couch.

Sofia Vergara also shared an Instagram photo of the recovery process, noting in Spanish that she was “with her favorite nurse.”

The AGT Judge Admits She’s Still Not Feeling The Best

As Sofia Vergara navigates the recovery process, it seems that she’s doing her best to stick to a normal routine. The paparazzi saw the actress heading to lunch at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. She wore a stylish red top and comfortable pants to accommodate her sore knee.

As she headed into the restaurant with a friend, she walked with a noticeable limp.

“Hi, Sofia. How’s your leg? Better?” a member of the paparazzi asked the actress.

“Not good!” she confessed through a laugh. However, Sofia seemed to be in decent spirits as she limped into the restaurant for lunch. She might be in pain, but she’s still determined to enjoy her life and make the most of things.

As far as work goes, Sofia Vergara still regularly posts on Instagram. She taped prerecorded episodes of America’s Got Talent, which will debut its 19th season on May 28, 2024.

It might be quite some time until Sofia Vergara feels like her old self again. But nevertheless, her fans are delighted to see that she’s in recovery mode and it seems to be going well.

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