Ryan Seacrest Unveils Plan To Take Over The World

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Ryan Seacrest loves being a popular entertainer and television presenter. However, his endeavors don’t quite stop there. According to new reports, he would absolutely love to break into a new industry and take over that world too.

It’s a bit far removed from his usual gigs, but his followers are incredibly excited about the prospects.

Ryan Seacrest Has Some Pretty Big Dreams Ahead Of Him

Move over Gordon Ramsay. Ryan Seacrest wants to be the next big name in the culinary world.

“Some might think it delusional, but Ryan really wants to take over the food world,” someone close to the talk show host shared with Closer. “He takes his passion for cooking – and the food business as a whole – seriously. It’s not a hobby for him, it’s a way of life and this point as well as a contest that he must win at any cost.”

Ryan Seacrest from Instagram
Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

“He really believes he can take his homemade concoctions that he loves to show off on social media to billionaire mogul status,” the source continued. “He believes he’s got the talent to do it, and that means putting out cookbooks, gourmet restaurants, shows, food products and kitchen gadgets.”

At the moment, Ryan Seacrest already has his plate full of hosting projects. But this could certainly be a fun avenue to explore.

“He feels he’s got the drive and confidence to pull this off,” the insider shared. “You’d think he’d be satisfied with what he’s already got, but it’s not Ryan’s style to sit still. He’s a creative thinker and quick on his toes and there’s nothing to stop him, or so he believes.”

His Social Media Is Full Of Fun Culinary Delights

Fans who keep up with the American Idol host aren’t at all surprised to hear this news. On social media, Ryan Seacrest frequently posts fun photos of his kitchen creations.

When he isn’t hosting one of his various shows, he absolutely loves being in the kitchen.

Back in 2022, Us Weekly shared that Ryan Seacrest hoped to have a cooking show of his very own someday.

“Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food,” a source shared with the publication. “He loves the Stanley Tucci series Searching for Italy and wants to do a show along those same lines.”

So far, it doesn’t seem like those dreams have come to fruition. Ryan Seacrest just took over the Wheel of Fortune hosting position, so he does have plenty to keep him occupied at the moment.

Would you love to see Ryan Seacrest break into the cooking world? Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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