Exclusive Interview with Evil Star Katja Herbers & How To Fly An Airplane – Review: Buckle Up


This week’s episode of Evil had me on the edge of my seat but also had my ears closed and I watched with one eye open. The show is so subtle with its scary moments. It does not rely simply on jump scares but the silence and the darkness is so creepy. 

Kristen is returning with the girls from dropping off Andy and when she gets home and has a moment to herself to cry there is a small demon in the bathroom. She doesn’t see the demon but before it can do whatever it was sent to do she gets a call from David and Ben who needs her help with an exorcism gone wrong. 
A flight attendant who had a side hustle of smuggling relics out of Rome was in possession of a piece of the cross, that cross that a certain son died on. Ever since she came in contact with the relic she has been experience boils and thoughts of suicide. 
When the team meets with her co-workers they tell them about her side hustle and the story of Captain Lameyer; a pilot who crashed while traveling over the Atlantic. Anytime a flight is over the Atlantic his ghost is seen and turbulence occurs. 
The team is called back to Church and Kristen and David meet Father Dominic. There are some comedic moments between him, Ben and Kristen throughout the episode. The team is tasked with returning the relic back to Rome only to find out that it is a fake. 

“How To Fly An Airplane” – EVIL, Pictured: Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard, Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir and Mike Colter as David Acosta. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024. All Rights Reserved

On the flight home Father Dominic calls David to inform him that the box is a demonic box and that’s when the flight starts to get a little bumpy. David starts seeing the ghost of Captain Lameyer and he splashes Holy Water on the box which instantly stops the extreme turbulence. 
Meanwhile, Kristen’s daughters are at home alone (Kristen’s friend had to leave to take care of her mother) and the power goes out. When the girls go to the basement to flip the breaker there is a giant hole in the wall and bats appear. They end up getting locked out of the house and call Sheryl for help. She is happy to see her granddaughters but brings the baby Timothy with her. Before she leaves the next morning she tells the girls he is their brother! 
I really do not understand Sheryl’s motivations anymore and I think she deserves whatever Kristen does to her. Father Dominic is a great addition to the show and Kristen was on true form this episode. Her struggle with her beliefs and wanting to not let her work touch her this season is excellent writing. 
I caught up with Katja Herbers who plays Kristen to discuss the season so far. Check out my interview below:
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