Manifest – Final Descent – Review


Eight months have passed since Zeke his death and Cal his miraculous recovery. The mandatory weekly check-ins for the passengers made a place for a detention center where almost all passengers from flight 828 have been detained, except the last few who have managed to hide from the authorities in the past months. Those passengers include Cal, whom they still think is a child and Angelina.

The detention center is run like a prison for dangerous criminals with all the protection measures. Besides having the passengers detained there, the detention center has lab facilities where they experiment on the passengers, trying to figure out what is causing the callings and how they are transmitting to the passengers. Saanvi managed to get herself a spot working at the lab to keep tabs on what they are experimenting on and helping the passengers where needed.

Michaela is still grieving Zeke but is holding it to herself by not talking about him. Ben tries to connect with her, telling her he has gone through it and is there for her. But he wants to know if she is there for him and all the passengers since they are the co-captains of the lifeboat and have nine months left to figure out how to save them all.

Back in her cell, Michaela has a vision where she sees Zeke. She is unsure what it is since it feels different from a calling, wondering if she is losing her mind. They are in ‘the glow’ Zeke tells her and she has been there before. He is reliving his life, and now he is still in the cave in 2018, before they met. ‘That is just a technicality’ he tells her. Before their moment can continue it is interrupted by a siren blaring through the detention center.

Bethany has had a calling telling her her wife is in danger. And is now banging against doors yelling to let her out she needs to get to her wife. During the chaos, Ben decides it is a good moment to try and escape. He convinces Michaela to come with him to help Bethany solve her calling and find a way to save the passengers. They do not get far since the center is pretty secure with lots of locked doors. Vance comes after them. Ben seems to convince him to let them go. He takes their bracelets off and tells them where to go.

Both Jared and Drea are still involved with the registry. They are tasked to collect data on how the callings are transmitted. Meanwhile, they also wonder how to solve the callings to give the passengers in the detention center peace. It is not their main task, but they are allowed to do a wellness check on Georgia, Bethany’s wife. When they get to Georgia’s place, they are not the first ones there. Two other agents from the registry are already there trashing the place. While being there they receive a message that both Ben and Michaela have escaped from the detention center. One of them goes back, while the other stays with Jared and Drea. Not thrusting them and thinking he can get information from them on their whereabouts.

Ben and Michaela went straight to their home to visit the kids and make a plan on what to do next. During those last eight months, both Cal and Olive had to grow up fast and are struggling to keep the lights on and food on the table. Meanwhile, they have also continued the research on the passengers and even dedicated a room in the house to it so they could keep an eye on Eden.

Cal has had visions again, firstly as dreams, which he couldn’t remember. But his scar has started glowing again it hadn’t happened since the night Zeke died. Later he gets a calling, the same as Bethany has, while awake, this one he does remember. When he calls Ben and Michaela, who are at Georgia’s place, and tells them about it, she seems to know what he was talking about when he told them about the apple and a red car filled with guns. Ben tells Georgia it is time to tell them the truth. She tells him she got a call from Hanson, an 828er, asking for help, and she was supposed to meet him at a barn.

Assuming Hanson was in danger they go and visit the barn. There is no sight of him. While Ben and Georgia start looking for Hanson, Michaela checks the perimeter. She finds the red car and guns. When they think they found Hanson and start calling for him, it turns out to be someone else, who starts taking fire at them. Ben and Georgia seek cover inside the barn. The man follows them inside to the point where he holds Ben at gunpoint. Before he can shoot, Michaela turns up behind him with a gun she found in the car. She recognizes him as one of the X’ers who had kidnapped Zeke, so she tells him she is not backing down on him, after which he gives in.

Meanwhile, Jared, Drea, and the other officer show up at the Stone household, questioning Olive and Call on the whereabouts of Ben and Michaela. Bot lying by telling them they haven’t seen them. But the officer finds a drawing from Eden saying ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ and orders Jared and Drea to take away their phones. Since Olive doesn’t have hers anymore the officer gives it a good bet that they can ping it to find the location of Ben and Michaela.

Olive immediately calls Ben from their house phone, after which he destroys Olive’s phone. Ben tells Georgia it is time, to tell the truth. She tells them she is part of the safe house. They give shelter to some of the missing passengers. There are nine missing passengers there. She realizes she got catfished so that Billy could get in on the bounty that NSA and Homeland Security have offered for anyone turning in passengers, dead or alive. They tell Georgia to leave and go to the safe house until she is out of danger.

Ben and Michaela also need to leave but don’t get far as they run into a still-smoldering crash site, which has been cleaned out. After seeing this Ben wants to go back to the detention center, while Michaela is not so sure about it. Wondering why they were chosen to be the captains of the lifeboat, Ben feels like he needs to go back to navigate the passengers from the inside.

After Ben says goodbye to his kids and tells him he needs to go back because they are the most important thing in his life and he has nine months left to figure out how to survive the death date, he turns himself in. Upon his arrest, he gets a chance to say a few words to Vance telling him to check out the crash site, which he later does. Lastly, we were surprised by someone else turning back up in the detention center, Michaela had a change of heart and turned herself in as well telling him they need to captain the lifeboat together.

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