Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 11-20-23: Will Eden Finally Get Caught?


Is justice finally coming for Eden Shaw?

After a tense week of flashbacks demonstrating that he’s far more than a thief and a cheating cad, everyone on Ramsey Street is more than ready for justice.

Spoilers for Neighbours during the week of 11-20-23 say that Byron, Haz, and Mackenzie will organize a manhunt, but will Eden get away again?

Haz and Holly should know better than to go after Eden themselves, considering the last time they tried that, Eden locked Holly in a shed and punched Haz in the face.

But spoilers suggest the two will again team up to trap him, this time with Andrew as backup, and that it’ll bring them closer. How long will Mackenzie be able to hide how she really feels after this?

If this were an American soap like Days of Our Lives, Eden would probably get away and continue wreaking havoc, most likely under the cops’ noses.

Fortunately, Neighbours doesn’t generally do things that way. The cops are competent, for the most part, and villains eventually get what’s coming to them (except for Paul, who seems only ever to suffer the consequences of his family being angry at him.)

Eden’s storyline is likely at its end. After escalating from cheating on Holly to blackmailing Paul, stealing from the Vineyard, and imprisoning Holly in a shed, how much more damage can he do without the story losing credibility?

He either needs to get caught this time or lay low in some foreign country, not causing any more trouble for the people of Erinsborough.

Another big question is whether Krista is as dead as claimed. Lots of eagle-eyed viewers noted discrepancies in Eden’s claims:

  • It took only a minute or two for Paul to get up to the pool after Melanie reported the death, so how did Eden move the body so quickly?
  • The only blood was one spot where Melanie had laid Krista after taking her out of the water — there was none on Eden’s clothes or streaked across the ground as there would be if someone dragged her.
  • Similarly, there was no water on Eden’s clothes or the ground, even though Krista had been pulled out of the pool.
  • Nor did Eden seem out of breath or disheveled, which would have been telltale signs of him moving a body by himself.

Thus, many viewers played amateur sleuth, guessing that Krista awakened after Melanie ran to get Paul and hid somewhere while Eden blackmailed Paul so that the two could get their hands on a sizable amount of money.

Neighbours doesn’t often use the tired soap trope of fake deaths, but they have on a few occasions, and this one seems to call for it. And in that case, Reece’s devastation upon learning about Krista’s death might not last long.

Please scroll down to check out all eight Neighbours spoilers for the week of 11-20-23.

A Devastating Truth - Neighbours

Reece is devastated by what she learns.

Holly will break the news to Reece that Krista is dead.

However, as discussed above, this might not last long.

Neighbours will move quickly if it plans to do a fake death story, and Reece may stumble upon evidence that her sister is alive. The only question then is what she might do with it.

Grappling With Their New Reality - Neighbours

Everyone affected by Melanie and Paul’s secret grapples with their new reality.

Now that Terese and Toadie know the truth about why their exes dumped them, what will they do?

I’m hoping they stay together. While Terese and Paul and Toadie and Melanie are popular couples, I was never a huge fan of either (and they tried to recreate Toadie/Sonya with Melanie, which didn’t work at all.)

Let’s hope there aren’t any more breakups for the sake of drama. Terese and Paul have broken up almost as often as Days of Our Lives’ Nicole and Eric, so it’s time for Terese to move on.

Plus, Toadie and Terese will have to deal with the kids’ feelings about Melanie’s reappearance and subsequent arrest and may have questions about whether Terese will leave, too, making for a messy situation.

Close to Home - Neighbours

Jane turns her attention to an issue close to home.

Jane’s wayward daughter, Nicolette, was involved in the cover-up, though at least she wasn’t the primary instigator this time.

Byron will likely also need her if, as spoilers suggest, Reece returns to the United States following the revelations about Krista’s last days.

But this spoiler may refer to the forgotten-but-not-finished story about Erinsborough High closing; Jane needs to finish the year and look for a new job, and spoilers say protesters aren’t ready to accept the school’s demise.

The Search For Eden Begins - Neighbours

The residents organize a manhunt for Eden.

Holly and Haz will again go off in search of him despite knowing how dangerous he is.

In a way, it makes sense. Holly feels she put everything in motion by bringing Eden to Erinsborough before she realized what he was like, so she wants to make things right.

Eden negatively affected everyone living in the shared house, so the housemates want justice. Let’s hope they get it without anyone getting seriously hurt.

Confronting Nell - Neighbours

Toadie fights to keep his family together now that they know the truth about Melanie’s disappearance.

Spoilers say that Nell and Hugo want to visit Melanie in jail, which Toadie won’t allow.

Nell’s supposedly done trying to break up Toadie and Terese, but now that Melanie’s revealed she didn’t willingly leave the family, Nell might change her mind.

Hopefully, there are more sessions with Rhonda coming — this family will need them if it is to survive intact!

Reece's Heartbreaking Decision - Neighbours

Reece makes a surprising discovery, leading to a heartbreaking decision.

Reece will have already learned by this point that Krista is ‘dead,’ so does this spoiler mean she discovers her sister is alive?

Further spoilers say that Byron suffers a loss, so whatever heartbreaking decision Reece makes probably involves her returning to the States.

Conversely, she could take off to rescue Krista but tell Byron she has to do it alone. Either way, she’s likely leaving Erinsborough.

Mackenzie's Sacrifice - Neighbours

Mackenzie makes a difficult sacrifice for her friends.

Hopefully, it doesn’t involve anything dangerous!

Eden’s likely already been caught, so theoretically, Mackenzie could pretend to still be into him to get him to tell the cops where Krista is or some other info he’s using as a bargaining chip.

But more likely, Mack will decide to encourage Holly and Haz’s burgeoning relationship, again swallowing her feelings to avoid causing an awkward love triangle. Can she and Haz get together already?

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Neighbours

David is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Spoilers say that David will tend to a cut on Cara’s hand.

This may not seem like a big deal to newer viewers, but David lost his medical license after he refused to treat a severely injured criminal who had attacked Aaron.

Practicing medicine now — if it’s anything more serious than anyone can do with a first aid kit — could land him in hot water when the cops are already looking closely at him for his role in the cover-up.

But could this end with David getting his license restored? Let’s hope so; he’s one of Erinsborough’s best and most empathetic doctors.

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