Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode four Evaluate: Absolute Candor


It occured to me whereas watching Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 4 that, even sooner or later, roadtrips might be tremendous irritating.

Picard’s crew has settled into archetypal roles fairly shortly with Dr. Jurati nervously nattering on aimlessly, Rios looking for a quiet place to learn, and Raffi raging at each change within the itinerary.

So what’s misisng on this crew? Some muscle with no tact. Yup, gotta have that.

As soon as once more, we get a glimpse of what life was like earlier than the synth assault on Mars.

Then-Admiral Picard’s in the midst of organizing the Romulan relocation and has made connections with the Qowat Milat, but ANOTHER Romulan group we knew nothing about.

To be honest, it is smart that there is SOMETHING to steadiness the Tal Shiar’s uber-secrecy and just about all the opposite secrecy concerned in Romulan society.

And Romulan warrior nuns completely dunks the anti-AI Zhat Vash cabal, concept-wise.

After all, the entire episode is each a literal and figurative detour.

Within the flashback, we see Picard because the shining hero, arriving for a little bit of a relaxation on Vashti, dressed all in white.

He’s swarmed by Romulan refugees on the lookout for information. He’s calmly reassuring, assured within the Federation’s efforts in relocating the Romulans earlier than the star goes supernova.

It’s a stark distinction to his return within the present-day, wearing black and reviled by the native populace.

Fourteen years makes for lots of change particularly on a planet settled by refugees of a tradition which as soon as dominated its neighbors with sheer would possibly and ruthless ambition.

It is slightly odd that Picard is so unaware of what Vashti is like now. I do know he was busy working a winery however the outdated Picard saved himself up-to-date on goings-on of the galaxy.

He clearly seen Vashti as a sanctuary and even appeared to have purchased into his personal legend as “Saint Picard” primarily based on his shock that his title alone wasn’t sufficient to be granted entry by means of the planet’s defence shields.

Picard: Name Central Station. Inform them it is me.
Raffi: That was the very first thing we did. Frankly, they weren’t impressed.

This has been a recurring theme. From his reception at Starfleet Command to how he’s seen and handled by the gen pop Romulans on Vashti, Jean-Luc is unquestionably realizing that many do not worth the nice intentions he had fourteen years in the past.

These intentions have been dramatically over-shadowed by his failure to ship on his guarantees.

Individuals do not keep in mind intentions when the failed mission means a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of their compatriots.

His relationship with Zani and Elnor can be curious. I am unsure what the purpose was of telling the kid he was making the admiral uncomfortable.

For one factor, on the floor not less than, it did not appear correct.

For one more, it did not appear to alter any of Elnor’s behaviors.

Zani’s statements to Picard, alternatively, each up to now and current, are fairly spot-on.

There’s one thing fairly zen about Zani. She’s made peace with a number of disappointments and, as soon as it is revealed how qalankhkai select their quests, that appears to be part of the vocation

Since you couldn’t save everybody, you selected to save lots of nobody.


Elnor, alternatively, could have accomplished his Qowat Milat coaching however he’s YOUNG. 

Since Romulans are almost as long-lived as Vulcans, Elnor who might be, at MOST, thirty years outdated, is known as a toddler in Romulan phrases.

The truth is, aside from the actual fact he can disarm two males and take a 3rd man’s head off in three seconds, he comes throughout as a tall, long-haired model of the child within the flashback.

I am not a fan up to now however I can see the potential for some entertaining conversations between him and Dr. Jurati.

In any case, my cash’s nonetheless on her to be the turncoat.

Anybody else assume that the Manner of Absolute Candor sounds doubtlessly annoying?

Dr. Jurati

Can we take a second to speak about Rios and his holographic schizophrenia?

First, there’s the Irish-y EMH whom he is pretty frank with.

Then we meet the solicitous hospitality holo whom he actually hates.

Lastly, within the warmth of battle and in very actual hazard of being smooshed right into a barrier of killer drones, we meet Emmet, a Spanish-only talking holo Rios prompts to function the weapons whereas he concentrates on evasive maneuvers.

It was fascinating that Emmet did not trouble to do the capturing he was activated to do. As soon as he’d calculated the poor odds, plainly he did not assume it was well worth the effort.

Take note, he is a hologram. Effort should not actually be a consider his decision-making.

Normally, the captain retains his personal firm.

Hospitality Hologram

So. Many. Questions.

I am beginning to type a principle that Rios himself is a hologram and the entire entourage is only a case of a ship’s laptop manifesting a number of personalities after its captain died.

Perhaps it even explains the Klingon opera. It undoubtedly explains the studying materials.

In the meantime, the showrunners insist on shoving one thing romantic down our throats over on The Artifact.

I by no means considered it earlier than however a Borg Dice is not precisely arrange for recreation.

They would not have holodecks or lounges like 10-Ahead.

Borgs spend their time both fulfilling a mission or dormant of their alcove.

So the place does a fella take a lady he is attempting to impress? A slippy-slidey air flow return hall!


Earlier than I’m going any additional, let me state for the file that I actually like Harry Treadaway. I do. So much. Beloved him in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful as Victor Frankenstein.

However Narek is painful to look at, each in his scenes with Soji and with Narissa.

I am unsure whether or not it is how he is written or if romantic entanglements simply do not work for me within the context of Star Trek.

(I nonetheless grind my tooth over the Michael Burnham/Ash Tyler waste of time on Star Trek: Discovery.)

Narissa’s clearly not likeable however not less than she’s obtained loopy going for her. Narek’s simply kind of enigmatically meh.

Soji: What are you doing, Narek?
Narek: The identical factor you are doing. Feeding an insatiable curiosity.

Anybody else slightly thrown off by how the Romulans are made-up on this sequence?

Or possibly it is the costuming that has me puzzled. We have not seen the normal quilted armor, humongous shoulder-pads-you-need-to-turn-sideways-to-fit-through-a-doorway look.

Smooth-looking Romulans are an adjustment I have not fairly made but.

Anyhoo, the first motive to watch Star Trek: Picard online this week is these closing few moments when the hero who saves Picard et al from the Hen of Prey is revealed.


Boo-ya. Mic drop, child.

Who desires to guess Raffi’s gonna be pissed?

Let’s examine what kind of shenanigans you assume this crew will stand up to. Meet you within the feedback!

And we certain would admire a observe of our new Twitter account as we work to rebuild our viewers!


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