The Acolyte – Day- Review: Lackluster Build Up


For the first time this season so far, I did not enjoy an episode of The Acolyte. The first three episodes were really well done. This episode entitled “Day” was well boring for lack of a better word.

I can enjoy an episode that is all dialogue, like last week’s episode but “Day” really did not give us anything. 

The tension between Mae’s pursuit of Kelnacca and the Jedi team’s mission to stop her sets up a potential thrilling confrontation. The dual narrative, with Mae and Qimir on Khofar and the Jedi Masters on Coruscant, should have created a dynamic storyline that keeps viewers engaged.
The spooky forest of Khofar is likely to present numerous challenges and dangers next episode. Mae’s determination to prove herself might lead to conflicts with Qimir down the road, especially if they encounter unexpected obstacles or threats and only if Qimir turns out to be a good guy. The mention of her mysterious master, “him,” hints at a deeper backstory that could be explored further, potentially revealing motivations and past events that shaped Mae but the show has yet to give us much on that front.
“Day” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Amandla Stenberg as Mae Aniseya. Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./Disney+ ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

Osha’s reluctant involvement in the mission adds an emotional layer to the story. Her past connection with Mae and the tension with Yord confirms that personal stakes are high. The Jedi team’s dynamics, especially Sol’s determination and Vernestra’s reluctant agreement, might lead to internal conflicts and strategic disagreements later in the season. 
The show got all us excited for some Wookiee Jedi scenes only to have him killed offscreen. We spent a majority of the episode walking through the forest with bland dialogue.

Perhaps we should have seen some flashbacks of Osha training with Yord to better feel a connection between the two characters. Right now their relationship does not make that emotional connection. The show is actually building up a better connection between Osha and Jecki. 

 Also, now because Mae knows Osha is alive she wants to turn good? This redemption arc for her feels unearned and rushed. Also, if Qimir turns out to be Mae’s Master that would be such a let down and not a big shocker at all.

We need more backstory for Osha as to why she left the Jedi. Now out of nowhere she is starting to get some Jedi powers back. None of it is hitting the right notes and it’s unfortunate after such a strong opening. 

I can say one positive aspect of tonight’s episode was the cliffhanger. Mae’s master blasting all the Jedi away with one flick of the wrist was intriguing. The inevitable meeting between Mae, Qimir, and the Jedi team in the dense forest of Khofar could be the best fight we’ve seen so far next episode. The forest itself might play a significant role, with its eerie and dangerous environment influencing the outcome of their confrontation.

“Day” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Charlie Barnett as Yord Fandar, Dafne Keen as Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon and Lee Jung-jae as Master Sol. Photo: Christian Black/Disney+ ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

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