The Rookie – The Squeeze – Review: The Plan Finally Begins to Unravel



After a long buildup since the show’s debut, “The Rookie” finally delivered on its promise of an epic showdown with the long-teased Big Bad. This episode proved once again that doubting the writer’s is often a mistake. Every twist and turn this season has been a deliberate step towards this climax. The episode was not only satisfying but also chock-full of action, introducing numerous new characters and juggling multiple storylines. It was a whirlwind that might require a second (or third) viewing to fully understand the complex plot. 
The episode resumed right where the previous one ended, with Mad Dog leaping from the roof. At the scene, Tim informed Grey about Mad Dog’s admission of corruption. Investigator Pearson arrived on the scene and right from the jump, it appeared that he was ready to pin Mad Dog’s death on Tim. Grey insisted that Bradford should have a union representative and an attorney by his side before any questioning begins. Angela informed Lucy of Tim’s situation, immediately causing Lucy to be on edge. Regardless of the situation between her and Tim, she still loves him and cares about him deeply. It was good that Angela understood that Lucy should be informed.
Lucy’s concern for Tim reached its peak when she joined him in the station elevator, deliberately stopping it to offer him a hug. Although she began by asserting that she was still upset with him, in that moment, she recognized his need for comfort and willingly provided it. When she inquired about his well-being, his tender response, “I am now,” was exactly what Chenford fans needed to hear. It reassured them of his enduring love for Lucy and hinted that despite the challenges, they would find their way back to each other, somehow. It was also great character growth to see Lucy assert boundaries with Tim and be honest with her feelings. Yes, she loves him, but what he did was not okay and she is letting him know that that instead of hiding behind her feelings as she typically would.
“The Squeeze” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen and Eric Winter as Tim Bradford. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.
The plot intensified as Monica engaged in a revealing conversation with Blair London, solidifying suspicions that they are both involved with the Big Bad’s schemes. Monica is clearly more deeply entrenched, while Blair showed signs of unraveling over Mad Dog’s death, seeming on the verge of a breakdown. Additionally, Monica hired a security guard for her protection and was resolved to uncover the identity of the person who sent an assailant to her home. Meanwhile, Angela and Nyla were closing in on Monica, but they required more evidence before they could proceed with charges. 
Tim, knowing that he had been painted as the fall guy, handed over his investigation of Blair London to Nolan. This led to a series of clandestine meetings and uneasy alliances, with Blair pushing Pearson to frame Tim to cover her own tracks. Grey, under threat of being reported for conflict of interest, reluctantly put Tim on administrative leave.
Alongside the main plot involving the Big Bad, a subplot unfolded as Wesley and Angela’s nanny found herself entangled in her own criminal web, which may or may not be connected. The situation escalated when an armed man arrived at the Evers’ residence, intent on returning the nanny to her former employer. Under pressure from Angela and Nyla, she confessed to previously working for the infamous money launderer, Christian Batista. This revelation propelled Lucy into an undercover role, potentially exposing the entire conspiracy. 
While undercover as the Batista family’s new nanny, an unexpected visit from Monica threatened to expose Lucy. Monica asked Christian who orchestrated her attack, but he offered no assistance. Meanwhile, Lucy risked her cover when an iPad fell and triggered music, nearly exposing her. This close call could spell the end of Lucy’s undercover work, potentially removing this obstacle in her relationship with Tim. Angela and Lucy want her to continue with the operation with more back-up, which could potentially mean her life will be in danger in the final episode. Hopefully that won’t be the case. 
The episode casted Nolan in a new light, highlighting his adept detective abilities. In collaboration with Celina, he successfully pressured Blair into cooperation using clever strategies and leveraging Smitty’s insights from his many breaks spent in the psychiatry office. Blair agreed to divulge her knowledge to Nolan, but only if she received immunity and a new identity, insisting on seeing the agreement before revealing any specifics. It remains uncertain whether she will fulfill her promise, given the powerful forces she is involved with. The consequences of aligning with the LAPD could make her reconsider her decision. Now that Blair London is confirmed to be part of the plot with the Big Bad, the question remains, why would a young psychiatrist, at the onset of her career, involve herself in such a significant conspiracy against the LAPD? What could her motive possibly be? Hopefully this question will be answered in the second part of the finale. 
“The Squeeze” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers and Chloe Wepper. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.
The drama escalated further when Monica, flanked by her security detail, approached a clearly influential man, seeking his assistance to identify the employer of her attacker in return for incriminating information she holds on the LAPD. This episode introduced a few new characters, making the plot somewhat difficult to follow. “The Rookie ” frequently introduces characters abruptly, without prior context, which can be jarring. Using established characters would have a bigger impact and would definitely create a more vested interest with viewers. 
Meanwhile, Angela and Nyla tracked down the men behind Monica’s attack, culminating in a high-stakes showdown at a motel. The confrontation escalated to gunfire, a direct result of Pearson tipping off someone about their arrival.
The hour culminated in a series of desperate moves. Nolan convinced Blair to consider turning herself in for protection and Pearson’s betrayal was exposed to Angela, Nyla and Grey and he was placed on administrative leave. Two pins have now been taken down, the question remains, how many more are part of this intricate plot to take down the LAPD? 
The cliffhanger was Monica asking Oscar for help in taking down Eric Ramsey, the man who paid to have her attacked, yet another unknown character. Oscar agreed to do so, as long as she helped break him out of jail which she agreed to do. 
“The Squeeze” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, Daniel Bonjour as Pearson and Lisseth Chavez as Celina Suarez. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.
Each plot thread in this episode was meticulously crafted, weaving a complex web of loyalty, betrayal, and duty. The stakes have never been higher for the characters as they scramble to figure out everyone involved with the nefarious plot, and work to take them down before any more damage is done. The second part of the finale is set to be a wild ride. Viewers should buckle up, it is definitely going to be a good one! Over to you, Rookie fans. What are your thoughts on the episode? Were you able to follow the plot? Who do you think the mastermind is behind the plot to take down the LAPD? Share your thoughts below and interact with me on X at @middleofcanada.
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