Unstable – Season 2 – Lamorne Morris & Iris Apatow Join Cast; Fred Armisen Set to Return


Lamorne Morris (Fargo) and Iris Apatow (The Bubble) are set for recurring roles in the upcoming second season of Netflix comedy series Unstable, created by Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe and Victor Fresco.

Lowe stars as Ellis Dragon, a universally admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur working to make the world a better place. He’s also in emotional free-fall. His son Jackson Dragon, played by his real-life son John Owen Lowe, is… none of those things. Can Jackson save Ellis and his company and salvage their estranged relationship while also doing what may actually be impossible: escaping the shadow of his larger-than-life father?

Morris will play Peter, the charismatic founder of a biotech start-up whose rising star manages to stoke the already intense rivalry between Ellis and Jackson.

Apatow will portry Georgia, Anna’s (Sian Clifford) irreverent ex-stepdaughter turned unwilling Dragon intern. She copes with office life by stirring up trouble and making Anna’s life more difficult whenever possible.


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