’90 Day Fiance’ Scott Wern & Ex, Lis Give It Another Shot?

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90 Day Fiance celeb Scott Wern recently dropped hints that he is back together with his ex, Lis. Are the pair giving it another shot, or, is this another play for attention? Here’s what we know so far.

90 Day Fiance: Scott Wern Keeping Himself Relevant

90 Day Fiance fans first met Scott Wern when he seemed to have an eye for Pedro Jimeno’s mother, Lidia Morel. Right out of the gate, however, there were a number of issues with this pairing. One of the biggest issues was the fact that Scott and Lidia couldn’t communicate.

Even after things ended between them, Scott Wern has managed to keep himself relevant among the 90 Day Fiance community, whether fans like it or not. The way many 90 Day Fiance fans see it, Scott sticks around the community like a piece of gum sticks to the bottom of a shoe. So, there’s certainly a love/hate relationship where the majority of fans are concerned.

Scott Wern-Facebook
Scott Wern-Facebook

TLC Celeb Has History With His Ex

Scott Wern seems to have an on-again, off-again situation going on with a woman named Lis. She is his Colombian ex who is considerably younger than he is. Scott has a type when it comes to Latin women. So, there’s no question about the attraction there.

Scott Wern even said himself that he and his Colombian love interest have been “on and off since 2020.” Of course, getting back with messy exes is the name of the game when it comes to the 90 Day Fiance franchise. So, Scott could be shopping around to film more scenes for the network.

90 Day Fiance: Scott Wern
90 Day Fiance: Scott Wern/YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Scott Wern Teasing Reunion With Ex For Clout?

Scott Wern recently shared a pic collage video featuring pics of him and Lis. He even included the Ed Sheeran song Photograph as the backing music. Naturally, with Scott sharing this video, his followers are curious about whether these two got back together yet again.

Along with his video, Scott Wern included the caption: “Who wants to see more ? Lis and Scotty.”

Scott Wern has proven himself to be a 90 Day Fiance clout chaser. So, for the most part, 90 Day Fiance fans take anything he shares with a grain of salt. When a fan asked him directly if he and Lis are back together again, he sidestepped the question, responding with: “no comment.”

With Scott’s history, this is exactly the kind of update to stir the pot and get 90 Day Fiance fans talking. This would also be the perfect opportunity for Scott to gain more followers, more OnlyFans subscribers, or potentially even more airtime with TLC.

Whether you love him or hate him, Scott Wern knows how to work the system to maximize his exposure, and this recent update from him seems to be working like a charm.

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