Jeff Probst Hints At How Long He Will Remain On ‘Survivor’

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There has been a groundswell of Survivor fans who want Jeff Probst removed from the popular reality series. Probst has been the host since the show began and is now also the showrunner. His role as the showrunner is what has frustrated fans, as changes made to the series haven’t all gone over well.

However, Jeff recently talked about Survivor‘s future, and it doesn’t sound like he is going anywhere.

Jeff Probst Talks His Survivor Future

Jeff Probst recently spoke about his Survivor future. He said he knows that not everything he has done has gone over well with fans. However, he feels it is important to keep trying to make changes to keep things fresh. He also doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Jeff Probst of Survivor | YouTube
Jeff Probst of Survivor | YouTube

“When you’re in an executive producer position, you have to have a global look at the show. I can’t just be worried about this season,” Probst said. With that, he said he means he is looking at how they will get to SUrvivor 50 and then 51, and then looking ahead to 60. “I’m always taking a big picture view” (via Variety).

While some fans want Probst gone, he admits that he has already started a file for Season 51. The 50th season was already announced as the first all-stars show of the “New Era,” and Probst is already making plans for the season after that. He emphasized that it isn’t a major change but is mostly just another layer to add.

Jeff also said he has no fear about his Survivor future but recognizes the pressure. But the pressure is with a smile,” Jeff said. “This is the greatest job I will ever have. I do not want to be the one to drop the glass ball. I care so much. We’re not going to get stuck out of fear.”

Jeff Probst Says He Won’t Hold Survivor ‘Hostage’

Jeff Probst also said he knows he is a producer and showrunner, but he will not do anything to harm Survivor’s future. There were concerns when the position was offered that he would take too much control, but he said he is too much of a fan to consider that.

Jeff Probst from Survivor / YouTube
Jeff Probst from Survivor / YouTube

“If I ever left ‘Survivor’ and it continued on, there are lots of types of people that could bring a whole new perspective to it,” Jeff said. However, he does warn that the show shouldn’t hire a “television host” but instead go with a “curious person, who’s interested in people.”

He also talked about the “New Era” and the changes he made. Some people said he would “kill the franchise” by changing the game from 39 days to 26. Jeff said it worked anyway. “We’ve gone from 39 days delivering 16 hours to 26 days delivering 22 hours,” he said. “It’s a Herculean effort by our teams.”

What are your thoughts on recent seasons of Survivor? Do you feel Jeff Probst has made good changes, or do you think the show has faltered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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