‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown Makes Drastic Life Changes

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Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown just revealed to fans that he had a major life change. The change was very noticeable and many fans reached out to comment on it. Here is a look at what Noah changed in his life and how it affected him.

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown makes a big change

Noah Brown has been a lot more active on social media lately. All the Brown siblings have upped their games on Instagram and TikTok, while also working their Cameo accounts. However, out of all the kids, Noah and Bird are the ones who post the least. That all changed recently when Noah started opening up more with fans.

One of the biggest things he did was on TikTok, where he released a multi-post series, telling the story of meeting his wife, Rhaine. Now, he has shown fans a look at a huge lifestyle change he made personally. On his TikTok page (and later shared to Instagram), Noah posted a before and after picture of him without a shirt on.

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

The first photos showed Noah in front of a mirror in his bathroom, and he had put on a bit of weight. While Noah, along with his other siblings, keeps hard at work on the ranch, the winter months might have allowed him to get a little out of shape. On top of that photo, he wrote, “Every journey has a beginning.”

The second photo had him looking at the camera in a close-up. He included the words “It has been a long tough road.” The last photo showed him standing up and flexing. His stomach was much smaller and he appeared to have put on some solid muscle, getting into great shape. He wrote that he has been dieting and training since January to reach this point. Hilariously, Noah used the song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by Tim Yacket as his trending music.

Will Noah Brown be back on Alaskan Bush People?

What Alaskan Bush People fans want to know now is whether there will be another season of the show, and who might be back for it if there is. While Discovery Channel has not announced a new season, Bam Brown hinted that one is coming in a past social media post.


I have been dieting and vigorously training and exercising since January, hopefully by December I will be where I want to be!! #follow #foryoupage #Diet #exercise #alaskanbushppl #Noahbrown

♬ I’m Sexy and I Know It – Tim Yacket

As for who might return for the show, Noah Brown is almost a certainty. While last season had fans worried Noah was leaving Alaskan Bush People, that turned out to be untrue. Noah went to Alaska to find and buy a new home, but he isn’t moving there. This will be a summer vacation home and be there for him and Rhain to retire to when their kids are grown. One person who won’t be back is Raiven Brown, who ended up separated from Bear Brown.

She is in Texas with both of Bear’s kids, so there is little knowledge of what Bear would do in a new season. The main siblings are likely Rain Brown, who is searching for gold on the mountain.  Lastly, there is Birdie, who is still struggling with health concerns.

What do you think about the changes Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown made in his life? Are you ready to see the reality TV star back on the Discovery Channel again soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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