‘Alone’ Season 11 Has the Most Remote Location Yet: Everything to Know

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Alone is back for another bone-chilling season on The History Channel. The reality series returns for Season 11 on Thursday, June 13, and it looks like this will be its most intense season yet.

Fans will definitely want to be prepared for some of the icy adventures ahead in the beloved survival series, so before Alone Season 11 premieres, here’s a look at everything we know.

Who are the contestants in Alone Season 11?

There are 10 new participants in Season 11:

  • Peter Albano, 42, from Castlegar, British Columbia, is a librarian who loves the outdoors and camping.
  • Dusty Blake, 36, from Fifty-Six, Arkansas, is a welder who has been in the woods quite literally since the day he was born.
  • Michaela Carriere, 34, from Cumberland House, Saskatchewan works as an adventure guide and has extensive experience trapping and hunting.
  • Timber Cleghorn, 35, from Salem, Indiana, is a humanitarian aid worker who earned his name from his occupation and grew up off the grid.
  • Cubby Hoover, 33, from Seligman, Missouri, works as a bowyer and a homesteader.
  • William Larkham, Jr., 49, from Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador, is a fisherman who had to learn to hunt to survive.
  • Jake Messinger, 42, from Fremont County, Indiana, is a professional falconer with extensive fly fishing experience.
  • Dub Paetz, 44, from Frederic, Michigan, is a wilderness skills practitioner and loves fly fishing and hunting.
  • Sarah Poynter, 48, from Skewenta, Arkansas, is a fishing lodge owner who escaped to the remote wilderness of Alaska with her family, so she can handle the cold.
  • Isaiah Tuck, 36, from Ghent, West Virginia, is a game warden who loves everything about the outdoors.

What kind of gear do Alone Season 11 contestants get to choose from?

Each contestant gets to choose 10 items from the list of allowable gear (sourcing and purchasing it themselves), including no more than two food items and no repeats of a single item. (Also, loops of string attached to other items results in a reduction of paracord allowance.)

  • Shelter, bedding, and hygiene options: tarp, rope, paracord, cotton cord, sleeping bag, bivi bag, sleeping pad, hammock, bar of soap, tube of toothpaste, face flannel, dental floss, bottle of shower soap, shaving razor, towel, or comb
  • Hunting, cooking, and food options: fishing line and hooks, gill net, foraging bag, snare wire, slingshot and ball bearings, beef jerky, dried legumes mix, military biscuits, chocolate, pemmican, GORP, flour, rice/sugar/salt, lard or ghee, pot, frying pan, ferro rod set, bowl, spoon, or canteen
  • Tools: Pocket knife, hunting knife, multitool, sharpening stone, duct or electrical tape, shovel, sewing kit, carabiner, LED flashlight, ice spikes, scotch-eyed auger, adze, draw knife, hatchet, saw, or axe

Where does Alone Season 11 take place?

The contestants for this season are challenged to survive in isolation in the Arctic Circle, which is the most northern locale yet on the series.

What else should I know about this season of Alone?

The History Channel is launching Alone: The Official Podcast for a weekly watch-along series.

Alone, Season 11 Premiere, June 13, 9/8c, The History Channel

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