‘Survivor 50’ Update Hints Major Changes For Anniversary Season

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Survivor 46 just ended, and a promo hit immediately for Survivor 47. However, the producers of the hit reality TV show are already talking about Survivor 50. The series’ 50th anniversary is coming up in just a couple of years, and the producers say they have big changes coming in time for that show.

Here is what the producers had to say about the upcoming Survivor 50.

CBS President Talks Big Changes For Survivor 50

CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach recently discussed the hit reality TV series Survivor. While the 47th season just wrapped filming in Fuji for a future release, she said they are already planning what will come next for the 50th-anniversary edition of the show.

Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube
Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube

“We’re already talking about Season 50 for Survivor,” Reisenbach said (via Deadline). “I was texting with Jeff [Probst] last night and he said there’s some pretty epic blindsides coming up. I think this show can go on for a really long time.”

According to the studio head, CBS will honor the event with a year-long celebration and they hope it will do well for the network. “We will have a lot of plans in the works… it’d be the first time in the new era that will have returning players. That’s really exciting,” she revealed.

The season will air in spring 2026, and Jeff Probst clarified that the anniversary season will feature all returning players. The new era began with Survivor 41, which introduced several changes to the format. It changed the seasons to numbers instead of theme names, shortened the event from 39 days to 26 days to allow a two-week quarantine period, and offered new twists like the auctions.

The last Survivor season to include returning players was Season 40.

Fans Not Happy With New Era Survivor

There have been a lot of complaints recently about the new era Survivor episodes. Many fans online have said the shows are almost “unwatchable,” and they no longer think it is a fun competition to follow. Many fans blame Jeff Probst, who is the showrunner on top of acting as the host.

Jeff has hosted Survivor since 2000, and it has been suggested that it is time for a change. It isn’t his hosting that is the problem, but the changes made to the format that he has a hand in as the showrunner. The new changes have made the show a different experience, and the last season featured some of the worst gameplay in history.

The season set the record for the most people going home with an Immunity Idol in their pocket, unplayed. This makes that specific part of the show seem almost meaningless since players don’t know when to use it.

However, since Jeff Probst is working hand-in-hand with CBS on the anniversary season, he isn’t going anywhere until at least after 2026.

What are your thoughts on the recent Survivor seasons? Are you excited about the 50th season coming up in 2026? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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