‘American Idol’ Fans Slam Contestant For Diva-Like Behavior

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On American Idol, one contestant’s “Diva-like” behavior might have already cost her a chance on the reality singing competition series. Madai ChaKell made it to Hollywood Week despite Luke Bryan giving her a no-vote in the auditions round. However, her attitude during Hollywood Week has fans turning on her and she didn’t make it better in the judge’s eyes.

Here is what Madai ChaKell did on American Idol this week and why it might cost her a chance to move on.

Madai ChaKell Shows Diva-Like Behavior On American Idol

Madai ChaKell, a former Broadway performer, auditioned for American Idol and was pushed on by two yes votes. Katy Perry felt that she had experience and could change up her voice. However, some fans didn’t like the voice changes in her audition. Luke Bryan was the only no-vote, saying she needed more practice.

Madai Chakell on American Idol

This might have held over to her attitude during Hollywood Week. Madai was set to sing “Tattooed Heart” by Ariana Grande, but her voice cracked and she had to stop. She asked for a redo and then stopped again before asking for another redo. She soon blamed her pianist accompaniment and waved a finger in his direction. She asked to go in acapella and said he wasn’t playing it like they practiced.

After she sang in acapella, Luke Bryan asked if her voice was 100%, saying it was “shaky in spots.” She said it wasn’t where she wanted it to be. However, when she went backstage, she once again blamed her pianist, saying he “flipped the script.” She then blasted Bryan for asking her about her voice.

“Is your voice ok, Luke?” Madai said. “Because I haven’t heard you sing! Obviously, I can sing.”

American Idol Fans & Luke Bryan Speak Up About Madai ChaKell

Surprisingly, American Idol allowed Madai ChaKell to come out and sing again. Luke Bryan said they wanted to make it “comfortable” for her to perform again. She then asked for a chair, because she felt “shaky,” mocking Luke’s original comment. That didn’t go over well with the judge or the audience, who began to boo her.

When Madai ChaKell left the stage, Luke Bryan made one more comment. He said, “Maybe we’ll do ‘American Humble’ at some point.” This then led the fans to jump in as well.

  • Madai ChaKell getting a second chance is total bullsh*t… this has to be a joke right?”
  • And the most obnoxious with a massively inflated ego not based on talent goes to…..Madai!”
  • Bye bye, Madai!! Get your attitude in check and HUMBLE YOURSELF!”

With the judges and the audience determining who moves on to the next round, Madai ChaKell might have seen her American Idol dreams die thanks to her attitude.

Do you think it is time for Madai ChaKell to go home on American Idol? Do you think she was being a Diva, or did she have a legitimate complaint? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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