‘American Idol’ Luke Bryan Offers Hints At Katy Perry Replacement

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There has been no word on who American Idol plans to replace Katy Perry with for the next season. Katy announced she was leaving the show on a Jimmy Kimmel appearance in the middle of the last season. This surprised even her fellow judges since she hadn’t told anyone yet when she announced it.

Now, one of those judges is throwing out some names that might replace Katy next season. Here is what Luke Bryan had to say about the newcomer.

Luke Bryan Throws Out Names For Katy Perry’s American Idol Replacement

Luke Bryan talked to ET Online about Katty Perry’s departure from American Idol and who he thought might be coming in to replace her. Luke, alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, has been one of the three judges on the reality show since ABC revived it following Fox’s cancellation. Now, Lionel and Luke will have a newcomer sitting at their table.

Luke Bryan | YouTube
Luke Bryan | YouTube

When asked who he would like to see replace Katy Perry on American Idol, Luke admitted several names have been thrown around. The three names he lifted off the top of his head were Pink, Miley Cyrus, and Meghan Trainor. He then said, “We’ll see who they come up with. Katy is a tough one to replace.”

This plays into something Ryan Seacrest recently said, as he has Meghan Trainor on his “shortlist” as well. Ryan said Meghan would be a “good possibility” to replace Katy. She had been a mentor on the show, and both Ryan and Luke Bryan previously said she could be a “fun replacement” for Katy.

Fans have also mentioned replacements on social media, ranging from the highly unlikely Taylor Swift to strong possibilities like Adele.

Adele Is Rumored To Replace Katy Perry On American Idol

Someone Luke Bryan didn’t mention but who is rumored to join American Idol is Adele. This is based on something Adele previously said about her next career move.

Adele reportedly wants to have a second baby, which makes her reconsider doing something like her Las Vegas residency again. Adele said she would like to find something different that still pays well to replace her residency. This could also give Idol something it hasn’t had since Simon Cowell — someone with a brutally honest British personality.

Adele would never be as openly critical as Cowell, but she is also someone who has never held their tongue when giving her opinion on something. Many fans want better constructive criticism on American Idol, and someone like Adele could provide that.

Who do you want to see replace Katy Perry on American Idol next season? What changes do you hope to see on the show when the new season rolls around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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