‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Enraged After Unthinkable Response

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey was recently unhinged following a contestant’s horrific response. What did this lady say that had Harvey in stitches?

Family Feud Is All About Shock And Awe

Whether viewers admit it openly or not, a big part of the reason that they continue to tune in to Family Feud episodes is the shock factor. While Steve Harvey being the captain of the ship is certainly a big draw, the unexpected answers to survey questions keep viewers coming back.

Just when you think you’ve got the survey answers figured out, there are always unexpected curveballs to surprise. As far as what might come out of a contestant’s mouth when Steve Harvey asks them a question, that is also anyone’s guess, which only keeps people glued to their seats as they watch the latest Family Feud installment.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

A Contestant Named Susan Was In The Fast Money Round

A contestant named Susan recently stepped up to the plate during the Fast Money round. Before even making it to the Fast Money round, one family has to beat the other family in a head-to-head match. However, just making it to the Fast Money round doesn’t guarantee that family members will go home with a check.

You still need to score enough points in this final round to be in the money. Susan recently stepped up, hoping to bring home the bacon for herself and her family members.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Unhinged By Horrific Response

67-year-old Steve Harvey asked Susan: “Name an annoying creature that you wish would hurry up and become extinct.”

Susan blurted out: “Dogs.”

Steve Harvey was so taken aback by this response that he buried his head in his cards, seemingly needing a moment to process how anyone could put “man’s best friend” on the extinction list willingly. Not surprisingly, that response from Susan garnered a big zero in the points column.

Susan even tried to specify a “neighbor’s dog,” but Steve Harvey was already beyond done with her by this point in the filming process. The host said: “Be quiet.” He then went on to add: “You know how many people are gonna hate you?”

@familyfeud An annoying creature you wish would go extinct?? 🤔❌😲 #SteveHarvey: “Be quiet!” #FamilyFeud ♬ EXTINCT – Family Feud
  • Family Feud fans sure let Susan have it in the comments, with one viewer saying: “Bro really said ‘Be quiet.’ He did not stand for that xD.”
  • Another game show viewer went in as well, saying: “Could’ve said literally any other than dogs.”

For all the latest Family Feud news and funny moments, come back regularly to TV Shows Ace.

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