Andy Reid Speaks Out About Travis Kelce Shove At Super Bowl

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Tonight fans saw the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl again. This was after Coach Andy Reid got shoved by Travis Kelce and he yelled in his face as well. So what went down? Andy is sharing his side.

What Went Down With Travis Kelce

During the first half of the Super Bowl game, fans saw Travis Kelce yell in Andy Reid’s face and shove him. He was obviously upset. Andy stumbled a bit, but didn’t fall down. Travis was obviously upset that he wasn’t playing at that moment. Kelce also went on to throw his helmet and his teammate Jerick McKinnon pulled him away. You can check out the video below to see it happen.

Andy Reid Shares His Thoughts

Andy Reid is now sharing what happened in his own words. He said, “He keeps me young…tested that hip out…he caught me off balance. Normally I’d give him a little bit but I didnt have my feet under me.” Reid didn’t really have much to say about the situation.

After the game, Travis Kelce and Andy Reid seemed fine with each other and happy about the big Super Bowl win. Travis even said that he “owes his entire career to that guy” and that he has helped him to control how emotional he is sometimes. He called “him the greatest coach this game has ever seen.”

Fans Share Their Thoughts

The fans went to X, formerly known as Twitter, and shared their thoughts about what went down. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Tonight we’ll let Travis Kelce celebrate, but tomorrow we need talk about how he was able to shove his coach without consequences.
  • If you’re looking for an abusive NFL player, you don’t have to look far. You do have to look past Travis Kelce because one shove on the sideline of the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR is not enough to say he’s abusive off the field.
  • Reid is one of the best coaches of all time and really let Travis kelce shove him on the sideline of the Super Bowl w/ millions watching, should’ve been benched for the sake of the league IMO there’s kids watching ffs, goodell would’ve had Brady behind bars b4 usher (I bet 9ers)
  • The Travis Kelceshove” was not a shove lol. Let’s relax, everybody.

Do you feel like Travis Kelce took things too far? What do you think about what Andy had to say? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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