‘Bachelor’ News: Clayton Echard Allegedly Father Of Twins

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Former Bachelor Clayton Echard is heading to court soon over allegations that he is the father of twins. A woman he casually saw earlier this summer is claiming that their one night together led to her expecting two babies. Clayton and the unnamed woman who wishes to remain anonymous, are currently going back and forth while awaiting court intervention. Keep reading to find out more about this breaking story.

Clayton Echard father of twins?

The Sun broke news that a woman who is only known as a 33-year-old podcast host in Scottsdale, Arizona is alleging that Clayton Echard is the father of the twins she is currently pregnant with. She claims they had a one-night stand on May 20 that led to her pregnancy. She says she had been raped and violently assaulted in March 2022 and therefore was not on birth control when she was with Clayton.

The woman then claims that Clayton told her he didn’t want a relationship. She said, “Afterwards, he took me aside and said he wasn’t ready for anything serious because The Bachelor had really destroyed his mental health.”

As for Clayton, he spoke with the news outlet and denied having sexual intercourse with the woman. He said, “My response is in the court documents. I’m not giving it the time of day because it’s baseless. We did not have sexual intercourse.”

Clayton Echard, YouTube

The woman also alleges that Clayton told her he would not raise the baby in any capacity so she is also filing court documents to have a plan in place for support.

According to the report, the court documents say that a paternity test was scheduled but Clayton failed to show up. Now, the court has ordered a test which is scheduled to take place on September 26. The woman and Clayton are both due in court on September 28.

When did she last see Clayton?

The woman says she last saw Clayton on June 17 when he “purchased a pregnancy test and asked Petitioner to urinate in front of him to confirm the pregnancy.” She did so and the test was reportedly positive.

She maintains that Clayton became cold and heartless after confirming her pregnancy. The woman alleges he said, “My hatred will only grow if you decide to put me through all of this,” and, “My personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.” Since then she filed a police report saying she felt threatened by Clayton.

According to her, he tried to find medical reasons a pregnancy test would come up positive. She claims he has accused her of faking the pregnancy in hopes of really getting pregnant if the two started a relationship.

Clayton Echard via YouTube 26

In the police report filed, the woman alleged there were “Threats, intimidation, verbal abuse, endangerment and extortion from Clayton Echard.” She also said, “When I told him I was pregnant, he started writing erratic, illogical and threatening messages. He has been clear that being a father has not been in his life plan and would get in the way of his dating and professional life.”

The court document which had the email to the police concluded by saying, “I am very concerned about my safety and I don’t know what actions Clayton will take because he is so volatile, controlling, demeaning and hateful.”

When Clayton spoke with the news outlet he told them he plans to sue this anonymous woman for emotional damage and fraud.

What do you think about this accusation against Clayton?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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