‘Beat the Bridge’ Host Cameron Mathison on Why New Game Show ‘Is for Everybody’

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A team of three contestants stand side by side, overlooking an enormous interactive bridge that can only be crossed by stepping on the correct answers within a category in Beat the Bridge, a brand new game show premiering June 10 on Game Show Network. (For example, with “Sports,” a player may be required to guess seven Texas-based teams in a row.)

Each correct response nets them more money, up to a total of $15,000, with a shot at bonus cash if they all make a successful crossing. But if they want to take their winnings home? One team member will have to return back across the board in a 90-second speed round.

“It’s [the players] against the bridge,” says host Cameron Mathison of the game show based on the British series Bridge of Lies. “And I’m guiding them along.” Emceeing isn’t new for the Daytime Emmy-nominated Mathison, who, in addition to his roles on soaps General Hospital and All My Children, has served as a correspondent for Good Morning America.

But as much as hosting Bridge was in line with Mathison’s signature high energy, he also felt challenged. “My job was to be neutral, because it wasn’t this team against another team,” he notes. “I can’t go nuts and start doing backflips!”

Viewers watching will have the chance to test their own general knowledge in categories like film, food and geography.

“This game is for everybody,” Mathison says. “You can play if you’re an expert in trivia or if you’re not an expert in trivia. And you’re going to be so surprised at the twists and turns and the way things end. People are going to love it.”

Beat the Bridge, Series Premiere Monday, June 10, 6/5c, Game Show Network

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