‘Below Deck’ Daisy Kelliher Reveals Sister In Serious Accident

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Daisy Kelliher is thankful her sister is alive after she was involved in a serious moped accident. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht star said that it is a “miracle” her sister is still here. She has opened up about the details of the accident, hoping to spread safety awareness for other travelers in the future. Keep reading to learn the details of what happened.

Below Deck Star Shares Startling Update On Her Sister

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht star shared two separate posts on Instagram, detailing how the accident occurred. Her sister, Bonnie, was traveling in Thailand when the accident happened and landed herself in the hospital. She needed surgery on her chest, face, and brain.

Daisy further revealed that the accident happened last Thursday, June 13. Her parents boarded a plane to Thailand the following Saturday, with the chief stew joining them this Wednesday.

Recalling how quickly everything turned wrong, Daisy wrote on Instagram, “I…sat by her side on her 34th birthday, with the extent of her injuries it’s quite a miracle she’s alive and we all feel optimistic and positive with time she will make a full recovery.”

Below Deck Daisy Kelliher and sister Bonnie - Instagram
Instagram/Daisy Kelliher

The Below Deck star continued, sharing the reason why she felt called to share the information about her sister’s accident. With her family’s permission, she wanted to make other travelers aware of problems that can arise when you choose to do something like drive a moped internationally.

“For anyone who might see this who is going on holiday or [traveling] or anything like this. Please don’t get on the moped and if you do wear a helmet and have insurance (no helmet, no insurance),” she continued in the caption. “My family [has] seen several people over the weeks be admitted and not all have been as lucky as Bonnie.”

The Family Was Alerted To Bonnie’s Condition By Local Friend

Additionally, Daisy added to be sure to “always look out for your friends.” She said that if Bonnie hadn’t met a friend in Thailand who was concerned after she didn’t come home, they might not have ever realized what happened. The friend located Bonnie in the hospital and was able to reach out to her family. “If it wasn’t for her things could have been different,” Daisy wrote.

The photos the Below Deck star shared with the post included the sister drinking by a pool and posing for selfies. Friends and fans flocked to the comment section to show support for Bonnie.

Fellow Sailing Yacht star Glenn Shephard was one of the first people to comment on the post. He shared that he once lost a “close friend” in a situation that was very similar to Bonnie’s. Shephard also backed up Daisy’s calls for people to wear helmets.

“Scooters and motorcycles scare the s–t out of me, it’s usually someone else’s fault but with zero protection, it often doesn’t end well,” the captain wrote. “Stay away from them and if you have to ride one definitely with a helmet and insurance.”

Daisy shared that there is a long road to recovery for Bonnie. She is expected to stay in the hospital for another two weeks, at least. The Below Deck star concluded her post writing, “We hope by sharing this story it may save a life or save another person or family having to go through this. We can’t quite believe how close we were to losing her.”

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