‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Turns 10: See the 10 Most-Viewed Clips (VIDEO)

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It was a criminally good day for comedy on September 17, 2013, when Brooklyn Nine-Nine hit our TV screens.

Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, the Golden Globe-winning series followed the cops and employees at a fictional NYPD precinct. With their roles on the show, Andy Samberg and Terry Crews added another title to their comedy resumés, Andre Braugher showed off his funny side after years on TV dramas, and Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, and Chelsea Peretti gave breakout performances.

Though it was never a ratings hit, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was so adored that NBC ordered another three seasons of the show after Fox canceled it in 2018. And the clips below are all the evidence you need. Here are the 10 most-watched videos from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s YouTube channel.

10. More Cold Opens: 5.3 million views

A Hurt Locker-like operation to dispose of smelly shoes, a goatee-shaving ambush, a boss impersonation contest, and a vending machine mishap rank among the openers Brooklyn Nine-Ninefans love to rewatch on YouTube. (And keep an eye out for an adversarial Kyra Sedgwick.)

9. This B Needs a C in Her A: 6.1 million views

Holt (Braugher) is an unexpected third wheel when Jake (Samberg) and Amy (Fumero) go on honeymoon in the Season 6 premiere. And his presence makes their couples activities — like a “Sensual Food Tasting: The Art of Feeding Your Lover” class — a touch less romantic.

8. Best of Jake Peralta: 6.4 million views

A supercut of Jake’s best moments kicks off with the goofy detective trying to defuse a tense situation. “I’m a trained hostage negotiator,” he brags, as a man holds Terry (Crews) captive. “I got my friend’s sperm back from his ex-wife last year. Well, she destroyed half of it, and he decided to adopt, but…”

7. Amy Seduces Jake in 0.5 Seconds: 7 million views

In their “Pregnancy War Room,” Amy gives Jake a handful of vitamins to take — which he attempts to swallow in one go, without water — and gets him instantly in the mood when her basal body temperature becomes optimal.

6. Best of Rosa: 7.1 million views

Even more popular than the Jake supercut is the Rosa’s (Beatriz) best-of montage. At one point, Gina (Peretti) observes how Rosa talks in her sleep. “I’m gonna rip your head off,” a snoozing Rosa mutters, much to her colleague’s horror. “I’m gonna rip your damn head off, Grandma.”

5. Season 1 Bloopers and Outtakes: 7.8 million views

Crews apparently missed the memo that his fist wasn’t supposed to connect with Samberg’s face, as seen in this gag reel. And he wasn’t the only one who used the SNL vet as a punching bag…

4. Best of Caleb the Cannibal: 8.6 million views

“My family hasn’t been to see me since my trial,” Jake’s prison friend Caleb (Tim Meadows) tells him as they commiserate behind bars. “You eat nine people, and suddenly, they don’t know who you are anymore.”

3. The Best of the Cold Opens: 12 million views

At one point in this highlight reel, the gang tries to figure out if the “Kelly” that Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) keeps talking about is his wife or his dog… and Scully’s vague answers certainly don’t help. (Kelly’s favorite food? “Peanut butter!” Scully says. “She’ll eat it right out of the jar.”)

2 & 1. I Want It That Way: 57 million views

The top two videos on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s YouTube channel immortalize the same scene from the Season 5 episode “DFW,” with 57 million views between them. In that scene, Jake gets a little carried away — and forgets the gravity of the situation — when the witness to a murder says the perp sang a Backstreet Boys song.

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