Clayton Echard Breaks Silence With Proof Of Paternity Test

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Bachelor Clayton Echard has been the center of some heated rumors this week. A woman who is reportedly a podcaster in Arizona and choosing to remain anonymous made claims that Clayton got her pregnant. Court documents were filed in regard to the alleged pregnancy and determining if Clayton is the father. After a lot of controversy, Clayton broke his silence and shared proof of the paternity test with his followers. Keep reading to find out more and see the proof.

Clayton Echard breaks silence on paternity test

Bachelor Clayton Echard has been under fire after an anonymous woman claims to be carrying twins belonging to him. In fact, she filed court documents to ensure that a paternity test was taken after Clayton reportedly refused to cooperate. Plus, should results indicate he is the father, the woman wants to ensure her babies are taken care of.

Documents said that testing would take place around September 26. Today, Clayton came forward to share that he had paid for the test and scheduled it. The receipt Clayton presented on Instagram Stories indicated the amount paid to be $725. He showed the entire emailed receipt from a place called Ravgen Diagnostics.

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According to the email, Clayton, the woman, and the company were miscommunicating and now everything is scheduled. Clayton will take his portion of the paternity test on September 27. The alleged mother will take her part on October 2. The results will take approximately a week to determine if Clayton is or is not the father.

At the bottom of the post, Clayton said, “This is the timeline. The truth will always set you free.”

The back and forth and allegations

Clayton Echard has continued to deny that he was ever even intimate with the woman who filed the court documents. According to her, they shared one night together before he told her he wasn’t ready for a relationship. They met while she was trying to find some real estate.

The woman alleges that she reached out to Clayton multiple times to ask him to take a test to which he declined. This forced her to seek legal action.

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According to the court documents, Clayton noted that he did not want to have any part in the lives of the children if they were his. In fact, reports indicate that he suggested she just get an abortion. If she chose not to go that route then he suggested she put them up for adoption.

Until tests come back it all remains a he said, she said situation. Time will tell if she is telling the truth or if Clayton truly is the father. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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