Did Travis Kelce’s Publicist Just Clown Taylor Swift?

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been trending on social media since they started dating. However, now Kelce’s reported publicist, Pia Malihi, is also trending. The reason is not a good one as well, and Swift fans are coming after Pia for her perceived insult.

Here is what Pia Malihi posted and why Taylor Swift fans are on alert.

Travis Kelce publicist mocks Taylor Swift

Pia Malihi is Travis Kelce’s publicist and the Kansas City Chiefs star is dating Taylor Swift. It would seem that her job would be to paint Kelce, Swift, and their relationship in the best way possible. However, when someone wished Pia a birthday wish with some photos in it, and Tia re-shared it, she stirred up a hornet’s nest of Swifties looking for blood.  That is because one of the photos included Taylor Swift and a clown emoji was placed over Taylor’s face.

Taylor Swift / YouTube

Celebrity gossip Instagram account Deux Moi defended Pia Malihi. They claimed that Pia didn’t add the clown emoji and someone who works for Pia reposted it by “accident.” It is unclear why Pia, who is a publicist, is having someone else control her personal Instagram account. It is also unclear why they would post a photo of Taylor Swift with a clown face on her personal account. As of this time, Pia has made her Instagram account private. However, some Taylor Swift fans have dug up some interesting information.

Pia Malihi used to work for Scooter Braun

After the Taylor Swift clown incident, people began looking into Pia Malihi’s past. It turns out that Pia worked for the publicity team at Jonesworks. She focused on three major accounts – Justin Baldoni, Dwayne Johnson, and Scooter Braun. Anyone who has followed Taylor’s career knows all about Scooter.

Scooter Braun used to represent various artists such as Justin Bieber. He ended up a huge success and used his money to acquire other assets. He bought Scott Borchetts’s Big Machine Label Group for $300 million. This means that Scooter owned all the music that the label owned, which included Swift’s first six albums. Swift said this was the “worst case scenario” because she alleged Braun bullied her for years. This all started in 2016 when Braun, Bieber, and Kanye West seemed to shade Swift in an Instagram repost of a FaceTime video.

Swift said artists, and not the labels who paid and promoted them, deserve to own their work. As a result, Swift re-recorded and re-released all six albums and asked her fans not to buy the originals anymore and only to buy the ones that she personally owned.

What are your thoughts on Travis Kelce’s publicist posting the photo of Taylor Swift with the clown over her face? Do you think it was an accident, or was there an ulterior motive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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