‘DTWS’ Allison Holker Offers Touching Tribute To Late Husband

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Allison Holker made a heartfelt tribute to her late husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss after presenting an award in his honor.

Moving forward in the wake of loss is never easy for anybody. But it can be especially difficult to find a footing in activities that were once enjoyable but only bring a harsh reminder of an irreplaceable loss. For Allison Holker, she’s needed to do just that. The former Dancing With The Stars dance partner knows better than anyone the pain of losing a loved one unexpectedly. Holker’s husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss committed suicide in December 2022.

On October 18, Holker attended the Industry Dance Awards. Holker had appeared at the event with her husband in previous appearances. At the awards show, she was given the opportunity to present an award in Boss’s honor. The recipient of the award was dancer Trey Rich. After the awards show, Rich took to social media to speak about the honor.

“Beyond honored to receive the first ever Stephen Twitch Boss legacy of hope scholarship,” Rich wrote in his Instagram post. He added that Boss “was a force to be reckoned with and a role model to EVERYONE. An inspiration to all and will be forever.”

Allison Holker’s Tribute To Her Late Husband

For Holker, it took a week to process her emotions from the events. But on October 25, she posted her Instagram story in tribute to her late husband.

“An emotional and beautiful night with the Industry Dance Awards,” wrote Holker as she began her Instagram post. “Just one year ago to the day my love Stephen tWitch Boss presented me with the award of New Media Influencer and gave a beautiful speech I will never forget in front of our biggest inspirations, leaders, peers, family and friends. Now, I’m Presenting the very first LEGACY OF HOPE AWARD on behalf of my beautiful Stephen tWitch Boss.”

“We love you and will continue inspiring and moving from love with your wonderful legacy. Trey Rich you are so deserving of this honor and I will continue to be a source of light and assistance to you and your bright future. A full circle moment as Trey handed me my award last year and now I’m honoring him and his future now! I see such a light in you and I’m excited for you to be seen as the star you are. Sending you all love and light.”

The Tragedy Behind Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’s Death

“No one had any inkling that he was low. He didn’t want people to know,” his wife, Holker, told People in May. “He just wanted to be everyone’s Superman and protector.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, a Los Angeles County coroner report determined that Boss died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Oak Tree Inn motel in Encino. A housekeeper with the motel would discover his body after he failed to check out. Although exact details have not been provided, Boss left behind a suicide note that spoke of “past challenges” in his life.

Stephen Boss during a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show | Courtesy of NBC
Stephen Boss during a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show | Courtesy of NBC

In an interview on Today, the former Dancing With The Stars dancer spoke to Hoda Kotb about her difficulty with her husband’s death. “I still feel like the rest of the world where I’m still shocked. No one’s ready for that moment and there’s no one that saw this coming. No one. And that breaks my heart too.”

She added, “He wanted to be the strong one for everyone, and I think that was a little scary for him to think that he might need to ask for help.” Holker continued, “He was so much love and light, he really wanted to be everyone’s Superman and he said that a lot.”

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