‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Roasts Player For Lewd Bedroom Secret

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey recently roasted a contestant after they let an intimate confession slip. What happened with this situation, and what did Harvey have to say?

Family Feud Contestants Accidentally Tell On Themselves

With the way that Family Feud survey questions are, depending on what answer you give, many players accidentally and unintentionally end up revealing intimate details about themselves. Of course, this is great for the show. It automatically stirs the pot and gives Steve Harvey plenty to work with.

Depending on what answers players give to these survey questions, and depending on how Steve Harvey spins it with his comedic genius and impeccable timing, these often lewd, NSFW answers make it on social media as viral clips.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Secret Desires Are No Longer A Secret

There are numerous examples just in recent Family Feud scenes of contestants telling on themselves. One recent example included Steve asking participants to name someone that they know they shouldn’t have “sexy dreams about” but do. One person said: “My aunt.”

This above example is just one instance in the last few weeks where Family Feud players accidentally revealed more than they planned to based on the survey questions they got.

In another recent instance, Steve Harvey asked players to name something that actor Brad Pitt has that they don’t have. One family member answered with: “A big pen**.”

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Loses It After Intimate Bedroom Secret Is Exposed

In scenes, Steve Harvey asked: “Name something you wish lasted longer than it does.”

A woman named Stephanie slammed on her buzzer, answering: “Sex.”

Before Steve Harvey even checked if the answer was on the board, he quickly blurted out: “You have to take that up with your guy.”

Within the context of Family Feud, this turned out to be the top answer to this question. Unfortunately, Stephanie, by saying this answer, also inadvertently revealed that she isn’t satisfied with her bedroom activities. Naturally, Steve Harvey and the rest of the audience caught on.

Despite initially giving the top answer to this question, Stephanie’s family came up one answer short of winning that round. It’s never a good feeling when the other family successfully steals your points, particularly when you are that close to winning the round.

However, the Family Feud social media accounts saw fit to make a viral clip out of this recent memorable moment. So, in some aspects, you lose in some ways and win in others.

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