‘GMA’ Deion Sanders’ Uncovered Amputation Makes Michael Strahan Lose It

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On Good Morning America, Michael Strahan welcomed another former NFL star to discuss his life. Deion Sanders appeared on the show, a former NFL superstar who is now the head coach of the college football team, the Colorado Buffalos. However, when Deion showed off his amputation, it hit Strahan hard.

Here is what happened on GMA that caused Strahan to lose it.

Deion Sanders Shows Michael Strahan Amputation On GMA

When Deion Sanders played in the NFL, he was one of the flashiest players in the league. He was exciting, fast, and always put on a show. He even released a rap album during his playing days to show off his personality even more. He is now a football coach but still fearless when showing his personality.

Michael Strahan on Good Morning America | YouTube
Michael Strahan on Good Morning America | YouTube

Known now as Coach Prime (he was Primetime Deion in his playing days), he coaches the Colorado Buffalos and is as outspoken and braggadocious as ever. However, he also hides great pain. Thanks to blood clots, he had to have several surgeries, which led to an amputation.

While promoting Men’s Health Month on GMA, Deion talked about his foot and amputation. That is when Deion pulled it up to show the foot off to the world. Michael Strahan was immediately distraught, saying, “Oh, let’s not do that! This is morning TV. People are eating breakfast, Deion; you can’t do that.”

Deion wasn’t deterred and showed it off even more, saying, “You mean this, with eight toes?” Deion had to have two toes amputated from his foot to battle the challenges after the blood clots. He then said, “I’m proud of my amputation.”

Why Did Deion Sanders Show Off His Amputation?

Deion’s entire purpose is to battle people’s outlook concerning these medical issues. He has fought hard to carry on and not miss a step, even after losing two of his toes. Deion shows that his spirit and drive remain high despite the setbacks by making light of it and joking about it.

This is also something that Michael Strahan should understand. His daughter has documented her cancer battles on YouTube and isn’t hiding behind the pain. Deion is the same. “My health journey has been a tremendous challenge but a learning experience as well,” he said.

Deion said his original goal after his surgeries and amputation was just to be able to run onto the field with his team. Despite 12 surgeries and the amputations, Deion has never given up, lost his smile, or feared showing off his missing toes to shock Michael Strahan.

What are your thoughts on Deion Sanders showing off his amputation on Good Morning America? Was it brave of him, or do you think it was gross since it was breakfast hour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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