‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank on Forrester’s Future With the Team & That ‘Very Satisfying’ Scene with Dandridge

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for FBI: International Season 2 Episode 12, “Someone She Knew.”]

The January 24 episode of FBI: International ended just as we thought it would when it came to the reassignment that Special Agent Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) was facing, but oh, did we love watching how it went down.

The Fly Team’s least favorite person, Ken Dandridge (Michael Torpey), forced his way into their latest investigation, going so far as to give a press conference when he shouldn’t have and allowing the suspect to escape with the girls he’d kidnapped. At first, Deputy Director John Van Leer (R. Ward Duffy) and Senator Jenna Preuitt (Lorna Lowe) praised him for his transparency. But then Forrester, with help from the agent Dandridge had placed on the team, Zoey McKenna (Kelley Missal), figured out how the other man was so up to date on the moves they weren’t telling him: He issued an unauthorized wiretap on Forrester’s phone. Needless to say, Forrester is staying with the Fly Team, and Dandridge was on his way to an in-person meeting with the Office of Professional Responsibility.

“From a story point of view, it was very satisfying to take Dandridge down,” Kleintank tells TV Insider. “As an actor, we had a lot of fun filming this scene. Michael Torpey, who plays Dandridge, is a great actor and was a blast to work with.”

And now that he’s not going anywhere, Forrester “absolutely” feels pretty good about his job security going forward. “The higher-ups are on his side, and Dandridge is gone, so who knows, he may become the head of the FBI someday,” Kleintank says.

Early on in the episode, when the team wondered what Forrester was doing to fight back against the reassignment, he’d said he was doing everything he could, including calling in every chit everyone owed him. Does that mean he might be low on favors, given that was before his work spoke for itself? Not necessarily. As Kleintank sees it, “Scott has plenty of favors left in his arsenal. If he can’t get it done with favors, he’ll get it done the Forrester way.”

It was Forrester who found and rescued the girls, fighting their kidnapper in a prolonged sequence. “Filming that scene was a lot of fun. When it comes to stunts, I take them very seriously and we try to make them as action-packed as possible with the time that we have,” Kleintank shares. “Our stunt team is really great at orchestrating our fights, and we really enjoy filming them.”

As for those wondering about Forrester and Special Agent Jamie Kellett’s (Heida Reed) romantic relationship and possibly seeing that again, “Scott and Jamie will always have an unspoken spark between them, but it’s up to the writers whether that flame continues to burn,” according to Kleintank.

We have a feeling it will and — just like in the past — when we least expect it.

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