Jenelle Evans Scared Out Of Her Mind, Estranged Sis To Blame?

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans is scared out of her mind but is her estranged sister, Ashleigh to blame? Right now, there is a lot going on in Jenelle’s life. Yet, it seems to be hitting a breaking point though she won’t say exactly why. Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans Scared Out Of Her Mind, Estranged Sis To Blame?

Just the other day, Jenelle Evans claimed her son, Jace was back home with her. She even shared a TikTok of him playing with his brother, Kaiser. Of course, it was rumored that this was old footage and she was just acting as if he was on The Land. It has been unclear where he has been but CPS has dropped their investigation against Jenelle and her husband, David Eason. At the same time, David announced he is now separated and it appears that his daughter, Maryssa has also left their home. Some believe this is a ruse to help Jenelle officially get Jace back but who knows?

David Eason, Jace, Jenelle Evans-Instagram
David Eason, Jace, Jenelle Evans-Instagram

Now, Jenelle has posted an ominous photo on her Instagram that was soon shared on Reddit. She is lying in the dark, her eyes closed, with the caption:

“Still sick but the scariest thing in my life just happened last night and still processing it all. I’ll share soon but I can’t believe this happened.”

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Instagram

She gave no clue as to what was going on or what scared her senseless but the thread started to speculate. Was it something to do with her sister, Ashleigh? That is quite plausible and did come up:

  • It’s her sister, dude. Practicing witchcraft, of course.
  • Why can she never just share now. Does it really take that much time for her brain to think of a lie lol also for the last time chinelle withdrawal is not a mysterious illness..
  • hate when people post these vague things for attention and sympathy.
  • My guess is this a set up for her bringing swamp man back on the land.

A Lot Of Guesses

Redditors had a lot of guesses as to why Jenelle Evans posted this and what was behind it. Some believed it was just for attention while others speculated she was finding a way to bring her estranged hubby back. Then there is her sister, Ashleigh Evans who just returned to social media after years away. She is tired of Jenelle’s lies and wants the truth to be known.

@yourfavcupoftea0 Janelle’s sister speaks out 🫣#spillthetea #fyp #tiktokdrama #tiktoktea #jenellelevans #teenmom2 #foryoupage #trending #popculture #trendingpopculture ♬ original sound – yourfavcupoftea0

So, has something more happened between Jenelle and Ashleigh but the former does not want to say just yet? Time will tell but when the big reveal happens, Jenelle will surely make it known. What do you think scared her to her core? Is it serious or dramatics? Let us know in the comments below.

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