‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Hits Promising Milestone With Latest Victory

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There’s no denying that Jeopardy!‘s Adriana Harmeyer has been on an impressive winning streak, but will it continue? After the June 11 game, the signs are promising as she rang in her 10th consecutive win, being among a small group to ever achieve that status through regular gameplay.

In the match, the Indiana-based archivist went up against math teacher Scott McCann from Germantown, Tennessee, and audiovisual archivist Sarah Harzell from Howell, New Jersey. Already a nine-day champion at the start of the game with a total of $204,700 in winnings, Adriana was certainly the competitor to beat heading into the match.


(Credit: Jeopardy!, Inc.)

Scott was Adriana’s biggest competition as he went into the Double Jeopardy round with $5,000, a noticeable lead against Adriana’s $3,400. While she managed to pull back the lead during Double Jeopardy, Adriana did lose $3,000 during the third Daily Double clue in the category “Authors Before Authoring,” which presented her with the statement, “During World War II he flew 60 combat missions as a U.S. Air Force bombardier… isn’t that crazy? Or many not.”

The correct response was “Who Is Heller?” which Adriana got wrong. Still, she made up for the loss, snagging a decent enough lead heading into Final Jeopardy! with $14,400 against Scott’s $10,200 and Sarah’s $5,400. Everyone got the Final Jeopardy correct, but Adriana’s wager landed her in first place with a final score of $21,000.

The category was “U.S. Geography,” with the clue reading, “Of the 10 U.S. States with 2-word names, this one stretches the farthest south.” Every player responded with “What is New Mexico?” But as mentioned, above, it was Adriana’s wager and score that put her into the winners circle once again.

Overall, Adriana’s ten-day winnings amount to $225,700. Adriana is among a special class of players who make it to the double-digit wins, now set to compete for an 11-day winning streak. Can she pull it off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, below, and don’t miss as Adriana’s Jeopardy! run continues.

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