Joy-Anna Forsyth Shares Precious Footage Of New Babies

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Former Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth is sharing precious footage of the new babies. She has her hands full with four-year-0ld Gideon and two-year-old Evelyn. But her family is growing once again. She announced her pregnancy in October and is due to give birth in May 2023.

As TV Shows Ace reported, fans thought Joy-Anna might be pregnant with twins because her baby bump has grown so quickly. The Duggar daughter previously told fans she’s having a boy, but fans aren’t totally convinced she’s only having one baby.

Of course, if she was having twins, she likely would have told fans by now. She’s seemed to make it very clear that only one baby is on the way. Amid the excitement of her pregnancy, she has precious footage to share of her family’s newest babies. She excitedly titled the video, “We have new babies!”

However, these aren’t the little ones that fans might have been thinking of.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - Instagram

Joy-Anna Forsyth Shares Precious Footage Of New Babies

On Friday, Joy-Anna Forsyth dropped a new video on YouTube and treated fans to adorable footage of the new babies.

In the video, Joy-Anna and Austin are helping his father move the cows from one area to another. It sounds like these are his father’s cows, but Austin and Joy-Anna have a couple themselves. She mentioned that one of their cows gave birth to a calf recently.

At one point in the video, Joy-Anna asks how many calves there are now, and her father-in-law reveals that there are three new ones. Then, one was born the same day they moved the others, so they ended up with four new ones. Without counting the calves born this year, they have a total of 21 cows.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - YouTube

Throughout the video, there is lots of footage of the cute new babies as they are transported. Plus, Joy-Anna Forsyth’s kids Gideon and Evelyn seem to be in love with the cows. If you watch the video, prepare for many precious moments throughout.

Counting On fans are loving the new video already. One fan said, “How adorable watching the kids with the calves! So loving and caring. Good job Joy & Austin.”

So, what do you think of Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth’s new babies? Do you think the little calves are adorable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. You can watch the new YouTube video below.

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