Mama June Shares Weight Loss Journey Update

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Mama June Shannon is sharing her weight loss journey update after deciding to try a new way of life. She had wanted to get a modification on her weight loss surgery. Yet, her doctor told her that was not a quick fix and she had to change her whole lifestyle first. She did not do that but now, she is traveling a new path. So, how is it going? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Shares Weight Loss Journey Update

When Mama June first started her series, From Not To Hot, she had undergone a complete overhaul. This included weight loss surgery. She started at 550 pounds and went well below 200 pounds. Unfortunately, addiction took over but she did get sober. Yet, mixing sobriety with the pandemic, and she started to gain her weight back. When she met her husband, Justin Stroud, they went to get him a new set of teeth and June wanted to modify her weight loss surgery. She hoped it would get her back into shape but first, she needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

Sadly, in 2023, her daughter, Anna Cardwell was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. That turned her life upside down and she was with Anna a lot more. Therefore, June claims she packed on even more weight due to the circumstances. Anna passed away in December 2023 and now, June has decided it is time to take her life back. She started using weight loss drugs and had to switch them up but now, she is sharing an update as to how far she has come.

According to In Touch Weekly, Mama June has lost a total of 30 pounds since she began the injections. She has also been seen going to the gym and working out plus asking for healthy recipes from followers.

“I’ve been on weight loss medication. I was first on Semaglutide, which is like Ozempic. And now I’m on Triglycerides for the last three weeks.”

June noted that she feels much better on the new medication as it the side effects are lessened. As aforementioned, she is at the gym “three or four times a week.” Admittedly, she was nervous to try weight loss drugs, and for good reason:

“I was one of those girlies that was like, ‘Oh no. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to be on the toilet. I don’t want to be throwing up’ because I experienced that with the gastric bypass – the gastric sleeve. For me, I’ve had no side effects. I don’t eat sweets. I don’t drink sodas.”

The Struggle Is Real

Mama June shared that the biggest downside of the weight loss drugs versus surgery is how slowly she is dropping pounds:

“The only difference [for] this medicine and the gastric sleeve is I lost 160 pounds in four weeks [with the surgery] and with this I lose four pounds a week.”

So, it is slower but that may help her in the long run learn how to keep it off this time and not go back to her bad habits. Fans used to watch her eat junk food on TikTok and chow down on chocolates and ice cream all of the time. Now, she is trying to drastically change her life. Hopefully, this works and she can achieve her goals.

Do you have faith that June will drop the weight and keep it off? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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