‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘Real Life Reckoning’ (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 15 Episode 7 “Real Life Reckoning.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 15 couples are getting acclimated to the real world once again as they return from their honeymoon in “Real Life Reckoning.”

As they get situated in their shared apartments, they’re dealing with new challenges like learning about their spouse’s living habits and plans for the future. Below, we’re breaking down every key moment from the pivotal installment.

Moving In

 Married at First Sight Season 15 Morgan Binh

(Credit: Lifetime)

As the couples return to San Diego from Puerto Vallarta, they check out their new living spaces and Stacia doesn’t waste time dictating plans for the bathroom she’ll share with Nate, announcing she will need counter space and expects him to put the toilet seat down. Laying down to talk it all through, Nate notes that he’ll keep things clean, but admits sometimes when he comes home from the gym, he likes to lay down without taking a shower, something she isn’t entirely on board with.

Binh and Morgan discuss cleanliness and a laundry schedule, but things get a little weird when he brings up electricity and his plans to leave certain lights off during specific times of the day and hopes to unplug certain appliances when not in use. Mitch and Krysten get quite comfy in their shared space, snuggling in bed almost immediately after putting their luggage down. Alexis and Justin are excited about their new arrangement, but their main concern is their animals, which have yet to meet.

As for Miguel and Lindy, things turn tense when he brings up Decision Day, and she asks to avoid the topic so they don’t overthink things. Waking up the next morning, Lindy reveals that she and Miguel discovered that she snores if she’s tired enough, and Stacia is miffed because Nate forgot to put the toilet seat down.

House Visits

 Married at First Sight Season 15 Lindy Miguel

(Credit: Lifetime)

Gearing up for this next chapter means collecting their items for moving in from their own homes and showing off their living spaces to their new spouses. First up is Alexis who shows off her art corner in her home and a loaded closet of clothes that overwhelm Justin. As for Stacia, her home is pristine as she shows it off to Nate, who is perplexed by some of her decor choices, wondering if they need certain things at their shared apartment before she brings up a desire to buy an espresso machine. The pair bicker back and forth over the item, arguing whether it would be a good investment or not.

Krysten steps into Mitch’s beach shack with an open mind but is immediately grossed out by the lack of cleanliness around his stovetop and shower, telling cameras that it could be a dealbreaker. Lindy gets to see Miguel’s apartment and is impressed by his clean and neat setup. He also shows off his D&D collection and gets goofy by embracing his character, Bear Man.

Meanwhile, at Morgan’s she shows Binh her espresso machine and tells him about her plan to use it at the apartment, but he worries about how much electricity it will require. Krysten introduces her dog Luna to Mitch, who notes the pug’s heavy breathing which Krysten attributes to nerves. Stacia is appalled by the trash in Nate’s cabinets, rifling through the storage and pulling empty cartons out. She also notices dirty wine glasses on the shelves and is concerned they don’t have the same concept of cleanliness. And at Justin’s small abode, Alexis meets his dog Maya and cat, who seems to mesh well with her, but she’s worried about them meeting her dog Newton.

Dog Disaster

 Married at First Sight Season 15 Alexis

(Credit: Lifetime)

Upon returning to their apartment, Alexis and Justin attempt to introduce their animals to one another. While Alexis’s Newton is pretty docile and chilled out, Justin’s Maya is rowdier as he holds her on a leash. Thinking that the calm has taken over, he lets go of Maya’s leash, only for his dog to lash out at Newton. The results leave Alexis’s dog with a bloodied eye, and we watch as she phones emergency vet hospitals, searching for a place to bring him for treatment. While he’s very apologetic, Alexis can’t focus much on Justin at the moment.

Following a visit to the vet, Newton is recovering and must wear a cone around his neck for a couple of weeks until the eye heals. Meanwhile, Justin drops Maya off at a training center to try and fix her behavioral issues that concern Alexis. While he cares about the marriage, he’s not sure if he can sacrifice his dog for it and vice versa.

Getting to Know Each Other

 Married at First Sight Season 15 Krysten Mitch

(Credit: Lifetime)

Falling into a daily routine, Miguel returns home with flowers for Lindy and they work on dinner together before sitting down to eat and talk. He admits that he was a bit of a skeptic when he first signed onto the series, but every passing day with her changes his mind. They also broach the topic of Decision Day, renaming it to “Vow Renewal Day” to make it seem less scary. They agree that they want to be as honest as possible with each other and remaining unfiltered is the best course of action.

Over dinner, Nate and Stacia talk about going deeper in their relationship. She asks about his mom and he deflects, saying that there’s little to no connection there and that’s why it’s hard to go deeper on the topic, but he’ll try to improve. Meanwhile, Mitch and Krysten are making leaps and bounds from where they were after having dinner together; she presents him with a card and then a can of coupons for him to redeem. With their affection growing, he decides to cash the soon-to-be expired one for a bubble bath together. Krysten feels like it’s the perfect time to take their relationship to the next step, which is a far cry from early on in their honeymoon when he wasn’t feeling the attraction.

Pastor Cal Checks In

 Married at First Sight Season 15 Stacia Nate

(Credit: Lifetime)

Expert Pastor Cal Roberson makes some house calls to check in on the couples from the season, starting with Stacia and Nate. He asks how they envision their marriage, and for her, it means being financially free, and for him, it’s being a power couple. They have the kids conversation, and Stacia tells Cal how she’s brought it up with Nate but he has some hang-ups as there are some things he’d like to finish before focusing on that chapter. Ultimately, Cal tells Nate he can’t limit Stacia’s goals just because he’s not sure. And when Stacia admits she would like Nate to be more open about his history, Cal challenges him to do so.

At Morgan and Binh’s, Cal broaches the topic of trust and Morgan admits that some of that was broken during the honeymoon when he questioned her schooling and nursing position in front of the other couples instead of talking to her directly. Binh admits he was wrong and listens as Morgan reveals that her issues with trust stem from her broken relationship with her dad and that it will take time to build it back up between them. As a way of bridging the gap, Cal suggests the pair embrace affection for one another.

For Lindy and Miguel, they’re all smiles when Pastor Cal arrives, and while most things seem good, she admits that she is worried that Miguel won’t feel the same about this experience as she does. He says being committed for eight weeks is one thing, but she’s making it easy to commit for longer. It’s not quite the answer she hoped for, but one that was a bit hopeful. He admits that he can internalize his feelings, and both Lindy and Cal ask him to always be upfront and honest. Only time will tell for certain if he does.

When Cal drops by Krysten and Mitch’s, he sees the breakthrough they’re having as they lean into one another on the couch. The couple reveals that they also consummated their marriage, helping bring them closer together. In terms of what they need to talk about and work on, Cal suggests they begin making plans beyond the eight weeks and talk about kids, their finances, and more. Cal tells Mitch to be unafraid of saying “I love you” when it’s the right time.

As for things at Alexis and Justin’s apartment, the tension is obvious as Newton sits between the duo. She’s upset because she feels like trust was broken. Alexis tells Cal that Justin’s dog Maya has nipped at other dogs before and that Justin withheld that information from her ahead of time. Justin is emotional and wants to work on building the trust back up, but he’s also not sure he can give Maya away. Could a breakup be on the horizon as Alexis says an unsafe environment for her dog and herself is a dealbreaker? Stay tuned to find out.

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