North West Reveals Kim Kardashian Was Trashing Sisters’ Looks

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North West revealed that her mother, Kim Kardashian, was trashing her sisters’ looks. Though she was not supposed to share the gossip session, it seems the tot couldn’t help herself. Read on for more details on what exactly transpired.

North West Reveals Kim Kardashian Was Trashing Sisters’ Looks

Kim Kardashian has raised four very strong-willed children. North West is her eldest at ten and she loves to try out all things related to fashion. Some fans have noted that she is growing up too fast as she has donned a nose ring on the red carpet. Yet, she and her mother, Kim Kardashian like to have a good time no matter what they are doing. In a recent episode of The Kardashians, the two were checking out the looks of Kim’s sisters. They were at the Met Gala and showing off their epic styles. Of course, Kim claimed she loved what they wore. That was clearly a lie per North.

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According to Page Six, Kim had gone to the event along with her daughter. Her sisters, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner were doing a confessional and North chose to come and say hi. Along with her cousin, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter, Penelope, they wanted to chat about what Kendall wore to the Gala. Kendall shares that both North and Penelope liked her bodysuit. More so, Kim liked it, as well to which North corrected the narrative. “She told me she did not like your look,” North said of her mother.

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Though the tequila founder and model was shocked by this news, she was also happy. She was happy to know that at least her fashion-forward nieces liked her look. Upon learning what had happened, Kim had something to say to North West: “By the way, North, you need to have some, like, loyalty. When mommy talks s—t about people, you cannot go tell them.” May that be a lesson learned for North to keep things between her and gossip mommy in the vault from now on.

Why Would You Say That?

Kim Kardashian wanted to know why North West would even say something like that to Kendall. In response, North noted that it was because her mother wouldn’t. Admittedly, North is harsh and can be rough on others so this a something Kim is trying to teach her daughter. Moreover, she wants her to know limits and that it is not necessary to be rude to others without cause. Yet, Kim was just called out for allegedly PhotoShopping North in a series of snaps. She apparently made her daughter look thinner and taller so it looks like North has a bit of both her parents in her.

Do you think North needs to tone down her attitude a bit? Let us know and watch the Season 4 finale of The Kardashians Thursday on Hulu.

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