‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Feel Sorry For Lawson’s Wife Tiffany

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In light of recent social media activity, fans of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates are feeling sorry for Lawson Bates’ wife Tiffany. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that she has garnered fans’ sympathies either. The pair married in May 2022. They don’t currently have any children but are making plans and have hinted at adoption. Fans are concerned that he may not have enough love to go around.

Recent Life Updates

Lawson and Tiffany share regular life updates on their YouTube channel. Lawson has been making great strides to promote his new music and sharpen up various skills. Recently, he shared that he had attended an emergency response training. During the training, he and the other participants practiced jumping out of airplanes. Being an emergency response team requires that they do their work safely, but also efficiently.

During the vlog, Lawson shows footage of him riding the plane up into the air, jumping out of the plane behind another jumper, and deploying his parachute. Frighteningly, he experiences his parachute lines crossing. Thankfully, he was able to untangle them with ease and landed safely. Also in attendance at the training were a few of his brothers including Nathan and Trace, as well as a few of the Duggar brothers.

Lawson Bates - YouTube
Lawson Bates and other attendees of the MediCorps Emergency Response Training that he attended with a few of his brothers and some of his Duggar friends.

While Lawson was away, Tiffany shared about her shopping and adventuring around Nashville with Callie Bates.

Lawson’s Questionable Social Media Activity

In spite of their seemingly great relationship on camera, fans feel sorry for Tiffany after seeing Lawson’s Thanksgiving post.

Captioned with a simple “G R A T E F U L . Wishing each of you a very blessed and joy filled Thanksgiving week!” he presumably shared a few pictures of some people that he is grateful for.

Though he did post two images of him with his wife, and one with his grandparents, the last image has massed the most attention. Lawson shared an image of himself at the end, and fans view this as a sign that he cares more about himself than his precious wife.

Lawson Bates - IG
Lawson Bates

Fan Reactions

“Because Lawson is the main thing Lawson is thankful for. lol.”

One commenter said, “Lawson you’re so vain you should write a song about you.” To which someone replied, “You mean he hasn’t?”

“He very much fancies himself a heartthrob”

This type of discussion is not foreign to Lawson as many have accused the TV personality of being “cocky,” “fake,” and a carrier of “main character syndrome.”

One follower in particular made it a point to comment on the original post stating, “He really is in love with himself (laughing emoji)”

Do you feel like these comments are off-base? Does the inclusion of a solo shot make a difference in your opinion? Is Lawson as self-centered as fans seem to believe? Let us know what you’re thinking below!

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