‘Pump Rules’: The Moment Ariana Madix Messed Up

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What is the exact moment that Vanderpump Rules cast member Ariana Madix truly messed up? It seems that the world and her co-stars have rallied around her since ‘Scandoval.’ Yet, there are some who feel that she knew exactly what she was getting into from the beginning. So, what moment, since she joined the show in Season 2 really showed her making a mistake? Read on to find out.

Pump Rules: The Moment Ariana Madix Messed Up

Ariana Madix has been lauded for the strength she had after her boyfriend of nine years, Tom Sandoval cheated on her. He didn’t just cheat with anyone, though. Sandoval was unfaithful for months with Ariana’s best friend and co-star, Raquel Leviss. Viewers thought that the way she stood up to Sandoval was amazing and they were excited about how she bounced back better than ever. “ariana’s really laughing all the way to the f**king bank. wiping her tears with endorsement checks and $100 bills. i KNOW tom is seething,” one fan tweeted.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Despite all of the success Ariana Madix is relishing, there are still those who remember what happened in Season 2. Tom Sandoval was dating Kristen Doute and he connected with Madix. Doute was convinced he had cheated on her with Ariana but they denied it. Ultimately, they confessed to having kissed once in Vegas but that was it. Then, Sandoval and Kristen broke up because she slept with Jax Taylor and Tom ended up with Ariana. So, when Sandoval cheated on Ariana, it was you lose them as you get them. Yet, there is one moment that has made it to Reddit where fans think Ariana really messed up.

Vanderpump Rules-Reddit

It was a scene from the Season 2 Pump reunion. Host Andy Cohen asked Ariana if she was worried about Tom cheating on her as he had done with Kristen a handful of times. Ariana responded that it didn’t as they had been friends for three years and she knew Tom. The OP wrote: “I bet she’d like to rewrite this scene” followed by: “I’ve watched for years, in fact, this is my 3rd? watch through, but this particular scene now obviously has extra poignancy…”

Fans React

So, what did fans have to say about Ariana Madix putting all of her faith and trust into a known cheater? One Redditor said that they will never actually believe that Madix and Tom Sandoval just shared a kiss in Vegas. Others agreed and felt that it had been much more. Another added this about Ariana: “She’s a liar as is Tom. I very much doubt two people with entirely different values can stay together so long.” Tom had wanted to get married and have kids whereas Madix wanted none of that.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana MadixVanderpump Rules/Instagram
Tom, Ariana-Instagram

It appears that the bigger mistake was rewatching the older episodes of Vanderpump Rules. From that, fans started to really think that Sandoval and Ariana Madix were having a full-on affair, similar to what happened with Raquel. Now, Kristen Doute has said what happened between Ariana and Tom and Tom and Raquel is not the same whatsoever. Unfortunately, it all seems too close for comfort based on this thread.

Do you think it was wrong for Ariana to put her full faith and trust in a known cheater? Or, was she just blinded by love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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