‘Southern Charm’ JT Not Returning Next Season?

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Is Southern Charm newcomer Jarrett Thomas aka JT not returning for Season 10? He was not a smash hit with fans this season and was even worse at the reunion. So, does that mean he will be a one-hit wonder? Read on for more details on JT’s future.

Southern Charm JT Not Returning Next Season?

JT joined Southern Charm in Season 9 and he was ready to start drama and stir the pot. He was the one who pointed out that Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll had been having sleepovers. This was not something that was public knowledge. Yet, he made sure they all knew and soon, Taylor and Austen were denying anything had happened. Then, they had to confess to kissing and everyone believed more happened. He also has the messiest house and gave himself his diabetes injections through his shorts while hungover.

Jarrett Thomas (JT), Taylor Ann Green-YouTube
Jarrett Thomas (JT), Taylor Ann Green-YouTube

It is not a good look but then, he told Taylor he was in love with her in the finale. That got shot down sadly for him and then he tried to be the cool guy at the reunion. The one thing he has going for him is he has great business sense and just launched a new one four years in the making. So, will he be back again or not? A Reddit thread was started and here is what the OP wrote:

    • I really hope JT doesn’t return next season…He reminds me of a tiny rooster strutting around thinking he’s the big c**k in the hen house…. but he honestly just doesn’t like Austen (d-bag) bc he’s jealous.

Did fellow Redditors agree with this analysis of the Southern Charm star?

      • I think they’re all pretty horrible people in general but I do like how he confronts Austen so I hope he does come back
      • Can’t stand JT
      • He has no purpose on the show
      • Thanks for this new and interesting post. JT is short and annoying. Got it.
      • I love someone that holds Austin accountable – purely bc its great tv.

Mixed Bag

It appeared that Southern Charm viewers like JT because he holds Austen Kroll accountable. For that, they would like to see him return. Someone compared him to James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules and it was a good analysis:

  • I think he has potential.. it’s funny he kind of reminds me of James Kennedy.. like the annoying little brother of the cast there to be a gnat and drive everyone crazy

Yet, look how far James has come and now, he is the number one guy in the group. However, many doe find JT annoying and lacking purpose so casting will be interesting.

Would you like to see him come back or are you over him, as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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