Susan Noles Reveals Why Things Didn’t Work With Gerry Turner

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Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles was sent home Thursday night by Gerry Turner. Now, she’s sharing with fans the real reason why things didn’t work out between them. Keep reading to find out more about what she had to say.

Susan Noles shares why things didn’t work out with Gerry Turner

Susan Noles gained popularity on The Golden Bachelor for her outgoing personality as well as for looking like Kris Jenner. She was sent home on Thursday night just before hometown dates. While she was disappointed her time with Gerry Turner was over, she completely understood why.

USA Today shared what Susan had to say about why she and Gerry were never meant to be. According to Susan, she and Gerry were simply lacking the chemistry needed for a romantic connection. She said, “We were truly in the friend zone.”

Susan Noles and Gerry Turner via You

Instead of having a romantic connection, Susan was Gerry’s support system. She helped get him through moments of weakness. Susan said, “At the rose ceremony, he was a very emotional, wonderful human being, and always present. And those pretty blue eyes! He was very sincere, and I would crack him up.” She continued saying, “At the rose ceremony, he would tear up, and then as he would look around the room, he’d see me and I go, ‘It’s OK,’ or I do [something] and make him laugh. And later he would always say to me, ‘Susan, thank you so much. That means so much to me. It helps me get out of that moment.’ It just worked with us.”

She kept the gift he gave her

Susan Noles also revealed that she keeps the gift Gerry gave her in a glass case at her house. He told her during a conversation that she reminded him of his late wife Toni. He gave her a rose quartz to signify strength. She said it really meant a lot to her.

As for her time on the show. It didn’t end with her finding love but she thinks she and Gerry Turner will be friends forever. Plus, she made some lasting friendships with the ladies. This is especially true of the “ASKN” group. It includes April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy. They are even planning a trip together in January.

Susan noles via Insta

Susan has no regrets about being on the show. She even said if Gerry marries his final rose winner she’d like to officiate it.

What do you think of Susan and Gerry being in the friend zone?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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