‘SW’: Should Christine Brown Change Her Last Name?

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After almost two years, should Christine Brown consider changing her last name? The Sister Wives star made the decision to leave her husband, Kody Brown in early 2021. However, she did not make a formal announcement until November 2021. Now, fans are starting to wonder if it is time that she hung up the Brown moniker. Read on for more details.

SW: Should Christine Brown Change Her Last Name?

Christine Brown has long distanced herself from the Brown family. She left Flagstaff and moved to Utah as soon as she could tell her sister wives and sell her home. Now, she is happily existing with her children and grandkids, thriving and attempting to date again. This has led fans to feel that maybe it is time that the fifty-year-old ditch her married last name. Should Christine take the leap and go back to her maiden name after over twenty-five years as a Brown?

Christine Brown/YouTube

In a recent Instagram video, Christine and her daughter, Ysabel, are on their way to bother her youngest, Truely. They are dressed in blankets, doing a cute little wiggle when Truely comes out behind them. The caption reads: “I’m proud to admit I enjoy my playful relationship with my kids. We’re fun together. @ysabelpaigebrown has made my heart so full with her caring heart.” Fans loved seeing their antics but some weighed in on Christine Brown and a possible name change.

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“Christine ditch de Brown last name! He doesn’t deserve you having his last name!” one follower commented. This is fair because they seem to just want her to have her independence. One noted that, since they were never legally married that it is not technically her last name. However, another added: “yes she said on the show she had it legally changed and frankly it’s none of your business.” There is also the point that her kids have the Brown last name so it is just easier at this moment to keep it.

Her Own Person

Regardless of her last name, Christine Brown is clearly a force to be reckoned with. She went from being a stay-at-home mother and homemaker to a strong businesswoman. Along with her former sister wife, Janelle Brown, the two have taken the wellness business by storm. They are extremely dedicated to their MLM work as is Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush. The three hustle and really show that they can do it all. This may have been what gave both Christine and, ultimately Janelle, the strength to walk away from the toxicity of their marriages to Kody and start all over.

Do you think it is worth it for Christine Brown to change her last name or should she wait for the possibility of new love? Or should she at least wait until her youngest Truely turns eighteen in less than six years? Ket us know in the comments below.

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