‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Missing Fiance Spotted In Unlikely Place?

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Amber Portwood’s fiance took off and left her when they were at her brother’s wedding in North Carolina. The word was that the two had a major fight, but the Teen Mom star has since denied that. Regardless, a missing person’s report was sent out. That has now been rescinded, as Gary Wayt has shown up in two places since he disappeared.

Gary seems to be traveling across the country. Here is what you need to know.

Amber Portwood’s Fiance Shows Up Hundreds Of Miles From North Carolina

Amber Portwood and her fiance, Gary Wayt, went to North Carolina to attend her brother’s wedding over the weekend. However, reports indicate that the two had a blowup argument. Gary reportedly took his keys and wallet, left in his car, and wasn’t seen again. Amber filed a missing person’s report.

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Amber denied having had a big fight with Gary before he left. She said she has changed, and that isn’t her anymore, saying that there is no physical abuse in their relationship. However, Gary never came back after whatever supposedly happened between them.

That said, the Bryson City Police Department has closed the missing person’s case. Gary has been spotted twice since his disappearance. The first time he was spotted was in Oklahoma. The law enforcement officers revealed this news, and the location was a nearly 18-hour drive from where he left Amber.

Amber Portwood Fiance Is Now In New Mexico

It seems that Gary Wyat has continued his trek west. He is no longer in Oklahoma and has now been located in New Mexico. This means that Amber’s original thought that he was headed back to Indiana is untrue. He is going much farther away.

The Oklahoma footage came from a Verizon store in Oklahoma. When Gary took off from North Carolina, he left his telephone behind. There are thoughts he didn’t even know he was a missing person because no one could get ahold of him. The Verizon stop might have been to get a new mobile phone to replace the one he left in North Carolina.

“We have information that he was in New Mexico at one point,” the police reported in a statement. They also requested that Gary contact the Bryson City Police to have him removed as a missing person. The fact their Facebook page says he is not a missing person makes it sound like he finally contacted them.

The Verizon store in Oklahoma is a 7-and-a-half-hour drive from where he was last seen in New Mexico. The couple had only been engaged for one month when he took off.

Are you surprised that Gary Wayt still seems to be putting the miles in between him and Amber Portwood? Does it surprise you to see the Teen Mom star having problems with love again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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