‘The View’: Sunny Hostin Slams Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck Split Rumors: ‘Stop Hating on True Love’ (VIDEO)

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The hosts of The View had some strong feelings about the latest “Bennifer” gossip. On Friday’s edition, one of the hot topics for discussion was the rumored marital discord between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

In Touch reported on Wednesday, May 15, that the Hollywood power couple is heading for divorce and that he had already moved out of their shared home. The same publication later revealed a photo of the two being subsequently spotted together on Thursday, May 16, to watch Affleck’s son Fin in a school play. However, a source for the publication insisted their relationship was still strained, and it was just a “united front.” Prior to that sighting, they had not been photographed together since March 30 in New York, and Lopez attended the Met Gala on May 6 solo. Reportedly, Affleck was busy filming The Accountant 2 at the time. The New York Daily News, meanwhile, denied reports of a breakup though claimed they are “having issues.”

About these mixed reports, Sunny Hostin was fuming: “You know what? This is how I feel: They are in love… I just know it… They love each other stop hating on true love because maybe you don’t have it in your life!” she exclaimed.

Ana Navarro had a very different take on the matter, calling J.Lo “the Puerto Rican Liz Taylor,” adding, “I think she’s addicted to love, to marriage, to being part of a couple and romance… Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were married and divorced and remarried again. Look, they’re young enough that they can do this a third time.”

Navarro was referring, of course, to the fact that while Lopez and Affleck have been married since just 2022, they were previously engaged 18 years before, when they co-starred in Gigli and Jersey Girl and famously split up before the wedding.

Sara Haines chimed in to note that this is hardly the first time their relationship has made “splitsville”-style headlines: “It’s a new story, but I feel like since the moment they got together, people are like, ‘Ben is miserable! He’s a hostage! He wants to leave!’ So this story is actually not new… it just keeps getting regurgitated.”

Joy Behar, who first noted that the stories are about “a friend of the show,”  finished out the discussion by pointing out that by speaking about their relationship publicly, they opened themselves up to intense media scrutiny and cautioned, “My advice is ‘keep your mouth shut.’”

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