Why Does Nathan Smothers Want To Find A Wife?

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During the second episode of Farmer Wants A Wife, Nathan Smothers sadly didn’t get his twenty-four-hour date as expected. Unfortunately, his pick Makenzie Wayman bailed on their one-on-one time due to an unforeseen family emergency. She had to reroute home instead. But Nathan hasn’t lost hope just yet. Recently, he spoke about one thing specifically the reason he wants to find his future wife.

Why Nathan Smothers Is On Farmer Wants A Wife

While Florida citrus farmer, Nathan Smothers, is openly searching for a new wife on Farmer Wants A Wife, he is in good hands. Undoubtedly, this FOX hit boasts it is “the most successful dating show in the world.” Notably, he is the youngest contestant, 23, on the popular show.

On FOX 13, Nathan Smothers mentions part of his motivation for joining the dating show. He says, “There aren’t a lot of girls in my area that are ready to settle down.” Then he continues with some of his other desires, “Ready to have kids and start their life.” Further, he reflects on his experience on the show, “But I feel like this opportunity was really good for me because it puts a lot of like-minded people together and be able to explore and see if there’s a connection.” But now Nathan is talking about the main reason he wants a new wife.

Why Does Nathan Smothers Want To Find A Wife?

Admittedly, the Farmer Wants A Wife star, Nathan Smothers, has said he needs a wife with a good sense of humor. Another important quality his future wife needs is a great work ethic. Since he works on a very large citrus farm, he is very committed to his hard work. Additionally, he is looking for someone with whom he can get to know her family. Likewise, he is hoping for a relationship that is close enough that he can meet “the folks” within the first six months.

But now Nathan Smothers is sharing a very specific reason he wants to find a new wife. While on TikTok, Nathan talks about a big reason he looks forward to having a wife. He captions, “Zeba cake and mugs rootbeer 👀.” Then he talks about what he really wants, “One of the main reasons why I did the show is because I want a woman that will pack me a lunch.” Then he continues to describe this ideal situation, “Like, I want to show up to work, sit down and eat my lunch and be surprised every day. Like BOOM-Zebra cake, Mug’s Rootbeer – fire me up. Let me get on that! Ohhhh…what a dream.”


Zeba cake and mugs rootbeer 👀

♬ original sound – Nate Smo: Florida Cattle 🐮

Several People Volunteer

Within the comments of Nathan Smothers’ TikTok video, he gets several willing “wife” volunteers based on his lunch-making request.

  • “I get up every morning, pack my lunch , I could pack two no problem 🤔❤️😎.”
  • “I’m in Florida I volunteer 🤣🥰.” Another replies, “Me too haha.”
  • Likewise, another doesn’t see the need for Farmer Wants A Wife with his criteria, “Well, no need to be on a show Im already in east Florida 😉.”
  • “I will totally do that! I grew up on a pumpkin farm in Wisconsin and I got to do this whenever I worked at the country store 🥰.”
  • “I’ll even write a note for you 😂.”
  • “I’ll be your little debbie😉.”
  • “Mug? Marry me now.”

What do you think about farmer Nathan Smothers’ reason for wanting to find a wife? Do you think it is reasonable? Are you loving Farmer Wants A Wife? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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