World ‘Outlander’ Day: Starz Celebrates With Season 7 Clips Featuring Claire & Jamie (VIDEO)

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The Droughtlander is nearly over as Season 7 of Starz‘s hit Outlander hits screens beginning Friday, June 16, but in the meantime, they’re offering a little remedy in the form of two clips featuring favorite characters including Caitriona Balfe‘s Claire and Sam Heughan‘s Jamie Fraser.

Unveiled to attendees at ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas on World Outlander Day (June 1) during a panel discussion featuring Balfe and executive producer Maril Davis who were on hand for the “Women of Outlander” event. The clips feature the show’s two central couples, Claire and Jamie, as well as their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and her husband Roger (Richard Rankin).

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in 'Outlander' Season 7

(Credit: Starz)

In the segment featuring Jamie and Claire, the pair discuss a dream he’s had of her, only he thinks the dream was set in the future, during Claire’s own time. “I’ve seen you there, you ken? Dreamt of you in your proper time,” Jamie says to Claire as they get ready for bed.

“What was I doing and how did you know it was my proper time?” she asks with curiosity in her voice.

“I kent it was that time because of the light. You are sitting at a desk, maybe writing, and there is light all around you, shining on your face, your hair. It wasn’t candlelight, nor firelight. I recalled thinking to myself as I saw you, ‘huh, now that must be what electric light is like.’”

“But how can you recognize something in a dream you haven’t seen in real life,” Claire continues to question her husband. As the clip goes on, he makes the point, “I dream of the past, why would I not dream of the future?”

The future seems to be on Brianna and Roger’s minds as well, as he prepares for his new position with Reverand McMillan. When Brianna questions if he’s ready to look over soldiers, Roger reassures her, “I’m tough, I had my wayward youth, smoking, drinking beer, stealing sweeties from the post office.”

His nonchalance seems to reassure Bree as she jokes, wishing him luck. The lighter moments are undoubtedly welcome as viewers prepare for a heavy chapter with the American Revolution underway. As the show’s Season 7 logline teases, the Frasers find themselves in a geopolitical firestorm with the revolution already in motion. Jamie, Claire, and their family get caught up in the violent birth of an emerging nation as armies march to war and British institutions crumble.

Don’t miss the fun clips, above, and stay tuned for the Outlander premiere this month on Starz.

Outlander, Season 7 Premiere, Friday, June 16, 8/7c, Starz

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