Last Call for Istanbul Turkish Romance Film: Coming to Netflix in November 2023

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mehmet serin last call for istanbul turkish romance film preview

Picture: Last Call for Istanbul – OGM Pictures

From the writer of The Gift, and the director of The Protector, an exciting new Turkish romantic drama, Last Call for Istanbul is coming to Netflix in November 2023. We’ve got everything you need to know about the movie, including, the plot, cast, trailer and Netflix release date.

Last Call for Istanbul is an upcoming Turkish romantic drama film written by Nuran Evren Sit (The Gift), and directed by Gonenc Uyanik (The Protector). The film is produced by Onur Güvenatam and OGM Pictures.

When is Last Call for Istanbul coming to Netflix?

Thanks to the release date trailer Netflix released on its socials and YouTube, we can confirm Last Call for Istanbul is coming to Netflix on November 24th, 2023.

What is the plot of Last Call for Istanbul?

After her luggage is accidentally taken by another passenger, Serin crosses paths with Mehmet. What starts as a search for missing luggage at JFK International Airport, soon twists into a tale all about love, second chances, and loyalty.

last call for istanbul turkish romance film preview

Picture: Last Call for Istanbul – OGM Pictures

Who are the cast members of Last Call for Istanbul?

Kivanç Tatlitug and Beren Saat are the two romantic leads of Last Call for Istanbul.

Kivanç Tatlitug plays the role of Mehmet, and Beren Saat plays the role of Serin. Some Netflix subscribers will be familiar with Tatlitug’s work having starred in three movies, Chokehold, The Festival of Troubadours, and Yakamoz S-245. Fans of the drama The Gift will recognize Beren Saat at Atiye.

The remaining cast members are as follows;

  • Zihan Zhao (New York Ninja) as Fenhua
  • Annie McCain Engman (Scenes from an Empty Church) as June
  • Michael Loayza (Desolute Soul & The Lingering Ghost) as Davi
  • Ty Fisher (The Last Kumite) as Comedy Club MC
  • Sindia Duverge (Love Is Blind) as Tanaya
  • Joy Donze (Art of Diversion) as Sophia
  • Susan Slatin (Serious Laundry) as Jane
  • Dias Tussupbekov (Who Were We Running From?) as Barman
  • Angela Chew (Film Lab Presents) as Jia
  • Rebecca Parker as Rose
  • Johnny Gaffney (Critically Ashamed) as Rich
  • George Slatin (The Sleepers) as Bob
  • John Bradford (Make You Look) as Danny
  • Daniel Kwiatkowski (The Ballad of Jack & Vi) as Phil
  • Sammi Rivera as Frankie
  • Charlie Engman as Charley
  • Tristan James as Roi
  • Gabrielle Policano as Amina
  • Nikima Brooks as Malika

When and where was Last Call for Istanbul filmed?

Filming reportedly took place in New York, New York City, USA. No other filming locations have been listed.

The film reportedly went into post-production in November 2022. However, we cannot find a filming schedule listed.


What is the runtime of Last Call for Istanbul?

The movie has a confirmed run time of 91 minutes.

Are you looking forward to watching Last Call for Istanbul on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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