Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 9-18-23: Theresa’s Unexpected Visitor is Good News for Fans


I never thought Shane Donovan would grace our screens again.

His son Andrew is a welcome replacement, leading ISA missions in Shane’s stead and trying to find out what his troublemaker of a sister is up to.

But according to spoilers on Days of Our Lives, during the week of 9-18-23, Shane will show up at Theresa’s door, eager to straighten out his wayward daughter.

Shane’s visit is a welcome surprise. It’s a shame Kim isn’t with him too, but Patsy Pease may not have been available or interested. In any case, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As long as Theresa and Andrew are both on canvas, at least one of her parents should be, and some of Shane’s best work in the past has been in confronting her about her misbehavior.

Until recently, Charles Shaughnessy was on General Hospital, though that wouldn’t have necessarily stopped him from making limited appearances — Wally Kurth (Justin) does double duty as General Hospital’s Ned.

But with Shaughnessy on another show and Days of Our Lives taping so far in advance, a guest spot seemed unlikely, and he wasn’t who I expected to show up at Theresa’s door.

Many viewers guessed that her son, Tate, would show up.

Ironically, Theresa is making the same mistake that her former nemesis Jennifer made with JJ when Jack died: leaving her son in boarding school instead of allowing him to attend the funeral of a family member he was close to. So it would make sense for Tate to run away, track down his mom, and be every bit as troubled as she once was.

Tate will likely be the one reason Brady and Theresa have to continue to get along, whether Brady likes it or not; further spoilers say that later in the week, they have to share distressing news about his behavior. Will this story fulfill the usual soap trope of enemies finding their way back to love when they have to team up?

As far as Shane goes, the spoiler video for this week suggests that he thinks Theresa has something to hide about Victor’s death and the sudden disappearance of his will; however, this is likely clever editing.

Andrew knows that Theresa is bothering Brady, so he probably tattled on his sister, leading to Shane showing up in Greece to tell her to go home and leave her ex-husband alone.

However, the briefcase he’s carrying — which seems to be left with Theresa for some reason—holds a secret that Justin and Maggie will be shocked about when they get their hands on the contents later.

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Hunting for the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Alex and Brady hunt for the truth in Greece.

We’ll pick up where we left off with the guys questioning Konstantin about his meeting with Victor.

Unfortunately, the restauranteur doesn’t know much, though he is eager to help.

This means the men may need Theresa to give them that briefcase. But will her help come at a price?

Leo Confronts Dimitri - Days of Our Lives

Leo confronts Dimitri.

Gwen pushed all of Leo’s buttons, and now he’s insane with jealousy.

Only in Salem can a secret lover be angry that his partner is cheating by being faithful to their wife!

But this fight might be good news for Dmitri. Since Gwen knows about his double life, he doesn’t need to give in to Kristen or Stefan’s blackmail.

An Unexpected Visit - Days of Our Lives

Theresa bumps into a loved one!

Shane’s at her door instead of the room service delivery person.

Ironically, she had suggested to Alex that she could use her connection with Shane to help their investigation. And indeed, Shane does have a briefcase containing mysterious and relevant information.

How does Theresa end up with it, considering that her father thinks she’s stalking Brady and doesn’t trust her?

Shawn Goes Missing - Days of Our Lives

Belle panics when Shawn goes missing.

Shawn’s not actually missing. He’s busy having a drunken affair with Talia.

This story of Shawn spiraling out of control does no one any favors, and his marriage to Belle appears to be more or less over.

Will Belle, who defended Talia while a sober Shawn thought she should face consequences for her illegal and dangerous behavior, blame the girl for Shawn’s drunkenness and infidelity?

EJ Catches Wendy Snooping - Days of Our Lives

Wendy gets caught snooping.

Wendy uses her hacking skills to try to prove that EJ was behind the hit job against Ava.

Unfortunately, her spying skills have never been as good as her technical ones, and she always gets caught.

Will she be able to talk her way out of trouble this time? EJ can be a formidable enemy, but he’s been making a lot of rookie mistakes lately, so maybe he’ll let Wendy go.

Closing in on Ava - Days of Our Lives

Rafe questions Tripp about Ava.

The worst part of this stupid “Ava on the Run” story is that Tripp has now become a criminal, supporting her simply because of their blood tie.

Tripp’s engaged in violent behavior in her defense before, but now he’s a respected doctor. If he throws it all away for Ava, is he any better than Talia destroying her life for Colin’s sake?

According to spoilers, Tripp will be on the hot seat. At least he’s not involved in an annoying love triangle this time. But this story needs to go.

Maggie's Discovery About Victor - Days of Our Lives

Justin and Maggie make a shocking discovery.

What’s in that briefcase? Maggie’s mouth drops open as she looks at it.

Could it be Victor’s real will, hidden by Vivian or her minions as part of her plan to steal his fortune?

Or did Victor have another secret that he took to his watery grave? Rumor has it that he had another child besides the ones we know about, but will Days of Our Lives go in that direction now that he’s gone?

Parental Concerns - Days of Our Lives

Theresa and Brady share parental concerns.

Tate is the one bond that ties Theresa and Brady.

Later in the year, he’s rumored to be SORASed (rapidly aged) and will likely re-emerge as a troubled teenager.

But what is he up to now, and how will Brady and Theresa deal with it when Brady can’t stand to be in the same room as his son’s mother?

Vivian Bothers John and Steve - Days of Our Lives

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