ER’s Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle Reunite with Hallmark’s A Second Chance at Love


Sometimes, you’re right where you need to be with your television viewing.

For me, that means that I’ve been watching Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle nightly with my rewatch of NBC’s ER.

Now, Hallmark is offering something completely different as Reuben and La Salle reconnect for A Second Chance at Love, airing on Saturday, March 26 on Hallmark Channel.

ER Cast Feat. Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle

For those of you who watched ER, you know that La Salle played resident and surgeon Peter Benton, who wasn’t always beloved by his coworkers.

Reuben’s Jeanie Boulet, a married PA, fell for Peter, and the two had a torrid affair in which she broke his heart.

A Second Chance at Love might not give Peter and Jeanie a second chance, but now, decades later, Rueben and La Salle will be sharing the screen once again with a story about reigniting old passions.

On the surface, Alicia (Alvina August) and Arnold’s (Jarod Joseph) marriage is picture-perfect, however, there is something amiss.

Alvina August for Hallmark

Arnold is ready to grow their family, but subconsciously Alicia is hesitant to the idea.

Rather than face the problem head-on, Alicia, the self-proclaimed “love doctor,” immerses herself in her divorced parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda’s (Reuben) dating affairs by setting them each up on a blind date dating app.

Reading into that description a little bit, it seems like Jack and Brenda divorced and lost track of each other, and their daughter decides to right that wrong.

“We are so excited to reunite Eriq and Gloria in this all-new movie.

Gloria Reuben for Hallmark

“With 20 years passed since they last appeared on the screen together, this heartwarming romcom will showcase their undeniable chemistry – a treat for viewers ready to see this television reunion.

“I’m looking forward to it and I know so many ER fans are, too.” Said Lisa Hamilton Daly EVP, Programming Crown Media Family Networks.

“I’m excited to work with Hallmark again and reunite with Gloria,” said La Salle.

“It’s wonderful to join the Hallmark family and to reunite with Eriq after so many years, especially in a completely different genre of storytelling!” Said Reuben.

Eriq La Salle for Hallmark

A Second Chance at Love is from NGN Productions. Kimberley Wakefield, Jacob Nasser, Joseph Nasser, Danial Nasser, Danny Webber and Jack Nasser are executive producers.

Tara Cowell-Plain is producer.

Alfons Adetuyi directed from a script by Chad Quinn.

What do ER fans have to say about this exciting development?

Jarod Joseph for Hallmark

This one couldn’t be more excited. If you feel the same, share that excitement in the comments below.

And if you’ve never seen ER, Hulu has the entire series, so at the click of a button, you can discover why this movie will mean so much to so many.

A Second Chance at Love premieres Saturday, March 26 at 8/7c, only on Hallmark Channel.

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