Ghosts – Holes Are Bad Review – Flower Returns and Hetty’s Sacrifice


The episode opens with a hilarious flashback of Hetty and her lawyer. She is being told that because Elias is missing all of his legal troubles now rest squarely on her shoulders. While the scene was brief it was a great call back to what made this show so funny in previous seasons. Some jokes do become stale but Hetty and her past is just not one of them. While funny, the flashbacks at first do not seem to make sense in the episode but we later learn why they are so important and how it ties into the theme. 

“Holes Are Bad” – GHOSTS, Pictured: Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty Woodstone.
Photo: Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sam and Jay are going away for the weekend and put away the IPad. On their departure Alberta tells them to enjoy making whoopie without them listening; gross but hilarious as Sass questions her. This scene also highlights how badly Jay wants to be able to see the Ghosts which the show may one day grant. 
While the Ghosts are alone and bored, Nancy comes upstairs to see if Thor would want to get it on with her in Sam and Jay’s bed while Stephanie reappears from the attic to tell everyone how her boyfriend Ralph got “sucked off” a few months ago. As the Ghosts start to realize that perhaps Flower is on the property, Thor shrugs it off as impossible because he heard Flower from the other side saying “I am well.” As Isaac asks Thor if it is possible she said, “I am IN a well” they all jump up to rush and check on her. We finally get the return of Flower, a fan favorite. She got trapped in the well while chasing a butterfly in classic Flower fashion. 
Isaac and Sass explain how Flower cannot climb out of the well and will need to go through the dirt as Sam and Jay’s contractor comes to fill the hole with cement. Trevor uses his phone to Facetime Sam but she cannot see them. Isaac and Sass reveal that they were once stuck in a hole and had to go through the dirt but had another woman ghost with them that Isaac accidentally left behind. We may see a new character next season! When questioned about her whereabouts, Hetty explains she was away and that she died of an accidental overdose celebrating Elias’ absence. 
Thanks to further flashbacks we learn that Hetty was going to be arrested and with the walls closing in (a nod to Flower also being stuck between walls) Hetty actually took her own life and did not die of an accidental overdose. She uses the rope around her neck to pull Flower out of the well with Thor’s help. She later reveals to Sam (who has returned with Jay) and Isaac that she thought by taking her own life she was giving her son a chance but he turned out to be a murderer anyway. She denied him a mother’s love which is what he needed most. Isaac points out he could have turned out that way regardless. Hetty further reveals that it was a mistake and she had so much life to live. 
Isaac lets her know that she was in a hole and that sometimes you need help. Flower then thanks Hetty for her help and reveals (again) that she once robbed a bank and Hetty is happy to have her back and we end on a pleasant note.
Hello Brother” – GHOSTS, Pictured: Rose McIver as Sam, Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac Higgintoot and Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty Woodstone.
Photo: Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The episode took a more serious tone this week while still offering comedy where appropriate. A new viewer may see this series a lighthearted comedy which it is but the show uses comedy smartly to explore life, death and relationships. This episode takes the series back to its core and next week we appear to be back to full on laughs as we learn that Pete’s ghost power is that he can leave the property and appears to end up lost. 
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