‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Doesn’t Want Advice From Former Leads

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Bachelor Joey Graziadei is starting his journey to find love this week. Before heading off to the mansion to begin filming, several former leads reached out to him to offer support and advice if Joey needed it. However, the new leading man said he really didn’t want their advice. Why not? Keep reading to find out more.

Joey Graziadei doesn’t want advice from other former leads

The Bachelor featuring Joey Graziadei is scheduled to start filming Tuesday night at the infamous mansion. Ahead of filming, Joey shared that he didn’t really want any advice from the many men who have been in his shoes before him. Ben Higgins and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are just two who reached out to offer support and advice.

While it meant a lot to him, Joey didn’t care to have any advice given to him. He felt honored and lucky to have them reach out. However, he gave each of them the same response over and over. Joey shared with Entertainment Tonight what he told each of the former leads who messaged him.

He said, “I appreciate the love and support, but I really am excited to do it my own way. I don’t think I really need to look for advice from anyone. I think I’ve just got to look within. I’m here for a reason and I’m gonna do my best to show that.”

Joey admits aside from just not wanting advice, he also has been doing his best to shut out any outside noise.

Has it sunk in that he’s The Bachelor?

As for whether or not it has completely sunk in that he is The Bachelor, Joey says he doesn’t think it will until the first limo pulls up on night one.

He knows that he wants to find his person and believes in this process. Joey said that Charity was completely invested in the process and made everyone feel comfortable. He hopes he can do that for the women on his season.

Joey believes he will find his perfect person. person. He said, “I think it might be those intangibles I can’t explain. I definitely want someone who’s outgoing, fun, can make me laugh, can really be willing to take on life together… It’s gonna be a vibe thing. I think there’s gonna be a lot of amazing women that bring a lot of different things to the table, so for me it’s just gonna be trying to pay attention to what fits, what feels right.”

Joey G via INsta 2

It’s exciting to him that he will be meeting so many different people who are willing it give it their best shot at falling in love.

What do you think about Joey wanting to pave his own way?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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